ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


A letter to our Aramean organizations


ArDO has lost a dear friend Birgitta Nilsson

Lecture about Israels recognition of the Arameans


 ArDO supports the presidential candidate Mr. Donald Trump


The Aramean Association of Norsborg (a suburb of Stockholm in Sweden) organized a demonstration/manifestation regarding the Aramean Genocide


Arameans of Aram-Naharaim Organization and the Aramean Democratic Organization sent a letter to Iraqi Government and ask for recognition of Aramean people.


Why is the world shutting its eyes regarding the Genocide on the Middle Eastern Christians?


A letter to our Aramean organizations


A delegation from ArDO attended the annual Mass for the memory of the great Leader Bachir Gmayel


Yes to Deployment of UN Forces on Lebanese-Syrian Border


A historical day in the life of the Aramaic Nation!


ArDO about the Municipality elections in Lebanon


Statement of ArDO after the latest positive step from the Syrian regime


250,000 MUSLIMS never condemn violence against Christian Arameans (Syriacs) & Contact Info


Abeer Nehme in Sweden


New ArDO Office in Lebanon


 ArDO met Nadim Gemayel,

ArDO Easter Campaign 2016

Hepatica and ArDO helps refugees in Lebanon


ArDO and SD in Lebanon Tour


ArDO Achievments 2000-2015

ArDO Cedars Revolution 2.0


ArDO visit to Lebanon, Januari 2015


ArDO represented by Mr. Hicham Younes had the honour to attend the USEK Conference about Seyfo.


ArDO congratulate you Sami Gemayel


Aramaic Democratic Organization:s, ArDO:s Toni Nisi on his political Swedish tour  (part 1


Proposal about the naming by his beatitude Patriarch Mar Sako.


Meeting with The Lebanese Culture and Sports Association


To our Aramean organizations that belong to the Syriac Orthodox Church.


Khabur massacre -The stigma of shame on the forehead of the international community!


The Israeli Interior Minister decided to approve the adoption of the Aramean ethnical affiliation on the Israeli identity card.


His Holiness Patriarch Mar Ignatius Zakka the first Iwas to heaven


Israel deposited Sharon establishment of a state funeral


The Election of the Jesuit Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Berguliu as a greatest holiness of the Catholic Church


Comment Aramean Democratic Organization


The Aramean Democratic Organization strongly condemns the assassination of Brig. Gen. Wissam al Hassan in Ashrafiyye


 ArDO met Nadim Gemayel


Destroying Syria… How long?


ArDO at the Lebanese Forces European Annual Meeting in Stockholm 2012


Syrian Revolution in its first year - sacrifices and martyrdom


Aramean Democratic Organization in a meeting with a delegation from the Syrian Revolution coordinating in Sweden.


ArDO: Fayez Karam is loyal to Lebanon more than Hezbollah & we call for his release


Demonstration for the freedom


Demonstration for the prisoners of freedom




The war on Lebanon, the new chapter


People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.


Arming our Aramean people in Iraq is the last way out


A New barbarian massacre affects the Aramean people.


Arameans in the Swedish Parliament


 ArDO support the possition taken by Sami Gemayel


The false face of the truth

ArDO supports the peace talks between Israel


A group of armed


ArDO: The Lebanese national dialogue table


ArDO supports the UN forces in Lebanon


ArDO party to celebrate 20 years of struggling


 ArDO supports the resolution to give the palestinian refugees in Lebanon all civil rights


ArDO warns from any action by the 8 of march coalition to end the lebanese current government


The outstanding Aramean football player Abgar Barsoum visiting the Aramean Democratic the Organization.


The official Lebanon is celebrating its independence day today

Human rights in Syria costs blood



 Aramean meeting in Sweden


On Being Right about the Future


The Lebanese Diaspora in Sweden arranged a demonstration supporting democracy in Lebanon



ArDO reminds the Christians in Lebanon about the true meaning of the elections


Aram vs. Iran


Aramean Democratic Organization participates in a march to mark the memory of the genocide of the Aramean people in Turkey


Aramean meeting in Sweden


Aramean Organizations sent a letter to the United Nations and ask for the protection of the Aramean people of Iraq.


Aramean organizations sent a letter to the President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, His Excellency Juan Evo Morales Ayma

ArDO meets the Friends of the syriac Language in Lebanon


Demonstration for freedom in Syria


Sweden acknowledges the genocide commited on the Armenians and Arameans

Aramean Organizations met with the Parliamentarian Harry van Bommel of the

Aramean organizations sent a letter to the President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, His Excellency Juan Evo Morales Ayma


Aramean Democratic Organization (ArDO) meeting with Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA).


Aramean Organizations sent a letter to the new elected president of the European Union


Hizbollah getting more arms


ArDO reports from Iraq

R.I.P.  Manuel Esen


Abeer Nehme in Sweden


Bishops visit to Sweden & ArDO


Arameans from Holland and Germany visits ArDO in Sweden


Assemani family were pioneers in Syriac studies


Palestinian leaders wanted in Lebanon is free and Lebanese leaders in exile


Our people can not be involved in Saudi Iranian problems


Christian members of parliament in Jumblat MPs block must leave him


ArDO calls on all Christian leaders to act for Janice Haddad


Aramean Democratic organization denounces


Meeting between Syriac Universal Alliance (SUA) and Aramaic Democratic Organization (ArDO)

ArDO with miss Nayla Tueni on the evening of her election program release


2009: The Parliamentarian elections of the 700 and the Aramean Democratic Organization


ArDO meeting the Lebanese lobby in USA

Marc Diab in our Hearts


ArDO welcomes the International Court for Lebanon


Christian prosecution in Iran


Lebanese Parties list including ArDO


The Aramean Democratic Organization on Wikipedia

The Archbishop Mar Austatheos Isaac on visit at the Aramaic Democratic Organization.




We need to stop Hamas to get peace


Aramean Democratic Organisation (ArDO) and the general elections in Lebanon

Interview with Mr. Roni Doumit

Aramean Organisations sent a letter to President-elect Barack Obama: Help the persecuted Aramean people of the Middle-East, focusing on Iraq.


ArDO Honours Father George Rahme


Aramean organizations’ appeal to the United Nations: Help to prevent ethnic cleansing Iraq of its Aramean indigenous nation.


Abir Nehme in Swedish tour


ArDO to SUA:s annual meeting 2008


ArDO in Finland to meet with allies


The International community should send an investigation group to Lebanon


ArDO: The Aramean Democratic Organization welcomes the peace initiativ coming from Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Ohlmert to have a peace dialogue with Lebanon.


ArDO: The Presidential Palace at Baabda has finally reopened,


Aramean Democratic Organization with friends attended the Jesus Manifestation in Stockholm and declared Christianity as the main religion in Sweden


Aramean Organisations ask United Nations for help to protect the Aramean clergy and Aramean Indigenous people of Iraq.


Aramean Democratic Organization in Sweden attended the annual Lebanese Forces party in Stockholm, Sweden.


The Aramean Democratic Organization in Sweden attended the opening ceremony of the Lebanese Club in Västerås


Aramean Organisations ask for protection of Aramean spiritual leaders in Iraq


We strongly condemn the coward terrorist action against the killing of father Josef Adel Aboudi in Bagdad.


We strongly condemn the coward terrorist action against the killing of his eminence the Archbishop Paulos Faraj Rahho, God bless him.


To our Aramaic people


ArDO attended the great dinner made by Freddy Pano and tool the chance to discuss different issues

ArDO Sweden call the international community to take actions against the regimes that are destroying the Lebanese

 presidential election


ArDO condemns the terrorist attack against the Lebanese Army Brigadier


ArDO: The Rabieh of Aoun can never be Bkerke of the Maronites


ArDO with allies and our dearest freind Paolo Casaca


ArDO Sweden met with LF official in Lebanon


ArDO on the tour with Aboun George Rahme through the Swedish cities


ArDO attended the anual party arranged by the Maronite mission in Stockholm.


Recital in honour for Aboun George Rahme and Telelumiere in Petrus and Paulus church in Hallunda - Sweden


ArDO and Aram-Naharain Organisation and clergy in Iraq sent a letter to the Iraqi government and Kurdistan Regional



Roni Doumit from ArDO held a seminaire about the Cedar Revolution at the ABF house in Stockholm.


ArDO Sweden visit Moscow to start new branch


ArDO Sweden visited freinds in hollandand met with different organizations.


Honorable Friends of Gibran Council


The Swedish Peace Association visiting Lebanon


ArDO and WCCR call for the Lebanese detainees in Syria to be released immediately


Syria should close the illegal roads at the border and not the official gates


ArDO condemns any change in the Christian holidays in Lebanon


The 14 of March coalition in Sweden


Only the implementation of UNSCR 1559 will help Lebanon


War of summer 2006: Israel got investigated but when is Hizballa´s turn?


ArDO:s Toni Nisi on his political Swedish tour  (part 1)


Stockholm dares to say it: Yes to Peace, No to terror in the Middle East


ArDO was heavily represented at Bachir Gmayel memorial day in  Stockholm


Arms in Palestinian hands in Lebanon, until when?


ArDO want the Lebanese war prisoners in Syria back to their parents


ArDO solution to the Lebanese crisis


May you rest in peace, Ambassador Talhouq


The Lebanese must avoid the Hezballa manoeuvre


The  ArDO call the free Lebanese people to continue the Cedar Revolution


ArDO visit Platform Aram in Enskhede on their 25 years jubilee


ArDO Sweden visiting Platorm Aram Holland


Press Release by Lebanese Organizations, Clubs & Association in the Diaspora


 Our people in Iraq have to choose our Aramaic historical and national name


The Aramaic Democratic Organization with father George Rahme


With the demise of Pope John Paul II, the world has lost a prominent peace-maker who worked


ArDO - Aramaic Democratic Organization


To whom it may concern


The Aramaic Democratic Organization with father George Rahme


Donation conference for the rebuilding of Lebanon


ArDO answer Hassan Nasrallah of Hezballah


ArDO interviews the head of the World Maronite Union, Mr. Tom Harb


Iran and Syria Must be Held Fully Responsible for the Situation in Lebanon, and the Hezbollah Leadership Must be Brought to Justice


No Peace, No Security and No Stability in Lebanon Without Implementing UN Resolution 1559


ArDO calls the Lebanese people to reawaken the Cedars Revolution


ArDO expert to disclose disinformation about Maronites


Aramaic forces make entry back to the Middle East scene.


ArDO:s Luc Atas leaves Sweden back to Brussels


The Sea Land independence island and where is our independence state

Congratulations Ashrafiyeh…


Hezbollah hooligans in Christian streets


ArDO condemn the decision of the Lebanese interior minister


Hezbollah hooligans in Christian streets


ArDO condemns activities done by terrorist organizations inside Lebanon


ArDO:s Roni Doumit arranged the yearly congress for the Swedish Peace Association


ArDO and SAAF/Uppsala held a SEYFO event in Uppsala


ArDO support the Lebanese army against all terrorists


Dear catholic brothers and sisters in Christ


ArDO talk to Noam Chomsky


ArDO supports Denmark all the way


ArDO Shame on you Lahoud!


ArDO and the head of the Armenian federation


ArDO met with friends in Arizona


ArDO side by side with the Copts


ArDO support to the Copts in Egypt   


ArDO met with the Iranian opposition in Europe


ArDO:s Toni Nisi end his trip to Sweden with a great success


ArDO Lebanon start a week long trip to Sweden


ArDO support the UN resolution 1559 in Lisbon, Portugal


ArDO met with its Belgian fans in a Stockholm suburb

ArDO support the conciliation between the Lebanese Christian leaders.


ArDO In SOMEC annual meeting.


ArDO attended the Rafic Hariri memorial at the Lebanese embassy


ArDO Sweden met with ArDO Lebanon


ArDO:s man held a seminar about the Cedar revolution in at Uppsala University


ArDO and SOMEC met with Dr. Gabriel Sauma


ArDO representative in Washington to support the UN resolution 1559- the first day


ArDO representative in Washington to support the UN resolution 1559- the first day


The speech of the representative of ArDO  in Brussels


ArDO - Aramaic Democratic Organization


Lebanon is bleeding with Gebran Tueini


ArDO meets WMU in Sweden


Ardo:s man Roni Doumit in a new position for WMU.


Abir Nehme in Swedish tour


Abeer Nehme in Sweden


The Aramaic Democratic Organization with father George Rahme


ArDO invited to the Portugese conference to support the UNSCR 1559


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