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Aramean Democratic Organization denounces the barbaric attacks on the churches of the Christian Aramean (Chaldean and Syriacs), which took place Sunday, June 12, 2009 in Iraq, killing four people and wounding dozens.

The cowardly act of terrorism will not affect the determination of Christians to stand fast in their own country, in which they were behind it´s glorious history and well known civilization.

The Aramean Organization blames the Government of Iraq and the Arab League for  the cowardly terrorist act and for their negative stance on this issue where they act as spectator against the political attacks on Christians in the Middle East to force them to leave their homes.

Aramean organization demands the Iraqi government to tighten its grip on the criminal elements and to arrest them and bring them to court and those who stand with them and the policy behind the attacks on the Iraqi Christians, the original people of Iraq, to intimidate and push them to emigrate.

The Aramean Organization wants to share the sorrow with affected Chaldean and Syriac churches in their enormous loss, especially Aramaic families that have lost some of their sons who have died and joined in a series of Christian martyrs.

Aramean Democratic organization

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