ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


ArDO and SD in Lebanon Tour


The Aramean Democratic Organization arranged a political tour in Lebanon for the Swedish Democrats Party to get a better picture of the refugees issue and to bond stronger ties between the Swedish party and close groups in Lebanon and the Middle East.

ArDO was personalized by Vice President Roni Doumit and SD by Parliament members Madame Julia Kronlid and Mr. Pavel Gamov, both in the International affairs committee.

ArDO and SD met Father Abdo Badwi at the USEK University and got a tour through the Aramaic sacred art that father Abdo leads and work with. Father Abdo is leading the faculty of sacred arts and the faculty of Syriac studies.

Together with the Chaldean Bishop Michael Kasarji at the Bishop seat in Sed el Bawshriyye, Beirut. Presence were many Christian refugees from Nineveh Plain in Iraq.

The delegation heard solutions about the refugees crisis from kataeb leader Sami Gemayel and history of the Lebanese resistance. Presence: Roni Doumit (ArDO), Julia Kronlid and Pavel Gamov (SD), Sami Gemayel (Kataeb), Jane Khoury (ArDO), Melhem Matta (WLCU and ArDO)

Minister of Telecomunication Mr. Botros Harb explained the governments view to the refugees crisis and the need of Lebanon to get international aid in this matter.

The ArDO and SD delegation met with the Swedish embassy staff who were very helpful and gave the Swedish point of view in the situation of the Syrian refugees.

At the UNHCR office in Beirut with programme leaders who works directly with the refugees.


ArDOs Roni Doumit arranged a dinner in Jounieh for the honour of MPs Julia Kronlid and Pavel Gamov. 

During the night ArDOs members got the chance to exchange ideas with our Swedish guests and start strong friendships. 

SD is determined to support developing projects in Lebanon to help the Aramean youth staying in their historical lands and preserve the Aramaic cultural. ArDO supports SD to keep Swedish values alive in Sweden and SD support ArDO to preserve the Aramaic culture in Lebanon.

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