ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

ArDO Lebanon start a week long trip to Sweden


ArDO take Tony in their arms at the Barouk restaurang

On Tuesday the head of Aramaic Democratic Organization in Lebanon, Rishono Tony Nissi started his trip to Sweden where he got to meet with the board of ArDO in Sweden and a representative of ArDO in Belgium.

On Wednesday the Aramaic guest started his day with an interview at the Swedish Radio, the Arabic section.

The interview was mostly about the UN resolution and the efforts made in and outside Lebanon to implement it fully.

Later that day the ArDO board together with Tony N. went to the royal castle of Uppsala where Toni held a lecture about the Lebanese situation and the dialogue that is going on there.

Tony also explained where the Aramaic Democratic Organization stands in this dialogue and how much support the ArDO is giving for the UN resolution 1559 and for the Lebanese cause.

 The day ended with a long meeting between the different ArDO:s where strategic goals were set up with some plans to reach them.

 As long as there will be hundreds of thousands believing in the cause the ArDO is striving for there will be a hope for a bright future in Lebanon.

 Long live the strong Aramaic Lebanon.

 By: The PR sector of ArDO Sweden


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