ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

Aramaic forces make entry back to the Middle East scene.


We would like to ask all readers of this article the following question:

Why are the Syriac Aramaic people not allowed to have their own country?

The Christian origin person of the Middle East has got used to be Dhimmi people and that have affected their minds and their ambitions to strive for a better life. A life where they are the ones deciding what to do with it.

How can we see the Arabs having 21 countries while we are satisfied to become second and third class citizens in our forefather’s lands? That is unacceptable.

How can we see the Kurds fighting for their own states while we are sitting and letting all the miss treatment pass through?

Why can we see it normal that the Palestinians should have an own country while we are either too afraid or too ashamed to demand our own country.

We could all see how Montenegro with 600 000 citizens got their independence from a Serbia that shares the same history, language, religion, common enemies and common friends.

If the Montenegro people felt a need to be independent from their brothers and sisters in Serbia, why can’t we also be independent from our Arabic and Turkish cousins and friends?

We in the Aramaic forces are not ashamed or afraid to say that it is time for our people to start demanding their rightfully human rights.

The highest right is according to the United Nations the right for every people to have their own land where they can feel safe.

Consider this letter as the first step for the Aramaic Forces after the long absence of preparations.

The Aramaic forces are back to stay…

By: The Aramaic Forces


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