ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

ArDO support the Lebanese army against all terrorists

ArDO would like to show its support to the Lebanese army that had the gust to do what their politicians never dared.

The Lebanese army should make clear that all illegal militants inside Lebanon are targets for different actions and will be stopped whenever they cross the line.

It doesn’t matter if their names are Abou Moussa or Abou Nodal or Ahmad Gibril or Hamas or Muslim Brotherhood or Al Qaida or Ansar al Sunna or Osbat al Ansar or Fateh or even Hizbullah.

The law of the republic shall be over every Lebanese and non Lebanese citizen.

ArDO support only one armed group in Lebanon and it is the Lebanese official Army.

ArDO will continue support the UN resolution 1559 until Lebanon is free from organized terrorism networks such as the ones mentioned above.

May the families of the wounded soldiers from the last clashes and the families from the dead soldiers in the past find comfortable in our efforts and concerns so that we one day can see what those soldiers died for become true.

A Lebanon free from terrorism terrorizing the Lebanese peace loving people.

Only the resolution 1559 will take us to the better side so let us continue with our efforts.

God bless the Cedar land and the entire pluralism Middle East.

BY: Roni Harb for Aramean Democratic Organization

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