ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

ArDO visit Platform Aram in Enskhede on their 25 years jubilee


ArDO in front of the Platform Aram buillding

ArDO was present in the 25 years jubilee of the twin organisation in Holland, Platform Aram.

The trip was very successful and ArDO got to meet with Aramaic organization from Holland and Germany.

ArDO held a speech during the festivities addressing the honoured participants and putting a major weight to the necessary needs of our people throughout the Middle East. Our people can not take back their rights without working politically for it.

ArDO was very warmly welcomed in Enskhede and it felt like being among family. This is the spirit that our people should be working with if we want to reach our fully rights in our historical motherland.

From our hearts we like to thank the Platform Aram and salute all the organizers for a terrific evening and a blessed jubilee.

May you continue to give strong work for the next hundred years.

The future belongs to us and we shall celebrate our future jubilees in Tur Abdin and Qamishli and of course in our country of Tur Lebnon.

By: ArDO Press office

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ArDO Sweden visiting Platorm Aram Holland

Honoured Ladies and Gentlemen,

Head of the Enkhede municipality and members of all parties and organizations.

We are pleased to meet you with pride tonight after your 25 years of struggle for the Aramaic cause. Your organization was pioneer in the establishing of Aramaic movements all over the world. Our people in the entire Middle East and Diaspora did early see a light in their tunnel through your existence.

You will continue to be our conscience for our history and the main defender for our people’s future so that the world keeps the struggle in the minds and hearts.

It is time that our people step forward and take part of the decision making in the Middle East.

We have had enough of Dhimmi politics where we can only sit and wait for the catastrophe to come before we react. We will not just keep reacting on what is happening in our lives. It is our children’s future we are talking about and we have to be able to plan for them what we see is best, not what the other rulers think is best. Just like any free people and nation do.

As most of our people know, the different attempts to drive us out of our native land have been going on for around 1400 years. Ever since the Arabic Muslims started to expand in the northern direction of the Arabian Peninsula our lands have been taken and our people killed, converted or driven away. Today we are a larger number in the Diaspora then in the Middle East.

The terrorism that we have lately seen aiming at the western countries with the goal to hit their democracy systems, human rights ideologies and values are something that we tasted long time ago and are still facing every day in our historical region.

We are happy to be among you all and we see this event as another little step toward the goal of regaining our righteous rights in the Middle East with the hope that one day be able to have a country to call mother land beside our new home nations in the Diaspora. There is no way to reach our goals if we don’t work together with all Aramaic movements and political parties together with the governments of the European Union and the United States and the United Nations.

Our mission is not easy and it doesn’t get any easier when many organizations belonging to our people are working together with the different dictatorships of the Middle East.

It is very important during this event to mention that our Aramaic people are not only made up by members of the Syriac Orthodox church. In our Aramaic nation we identify all Middle Eastern Christians as having Aramaic origins without our brothers and sisters the Copts and Armenians.

Alexander the great said: divide and conquer, in our case we were very good in dividing our people in different groups belonging to different churches and started to be loyal to different rulers. Since we got divided we have been loosing battle after battle and today we are 10 week groups living across the globe.

Today we are not saying that we want the whole Middle East back. The simple thing that we are saying and working for is that since the Middle East still is pluralistic there should be a system to deal with that reality giving all groups their right to flourish and feel safe in their historical motherland. All in line with to the UN human rights declaration.

Last but not least we like to thank all great people responsible for this event.

An Aramaic thank you from the hearts to the Dutch city of Enskede, to her majesty the Queen, to the strong and stabile government and to the justice loving people Holland for their support to our Aramaic people.

Together we will see better days for the Middle East.

Long live freedom and democracy with our Aramaic people enjoying them in the beloved lands of Aram.

Tawdi saggi

ArDO taking the plane to Holland


The dinner with Platform Aram and Suryoyo Sat


ArDO with Aziz Aiguor, the head of the Aramaic human rights organization in Holland


ArDO with members of Platform Aram and representative of the Enskhede Polis department


ArDO in the festivities...


ArDO enjoying the party that gathered up to one thousand energetic Arameans


The host of the party was Zaki Dakh and Aboud Gawriyye


The Aramaic singers Maggi and Massoud


The traditional Aramaic folklore dance by the youth dance club


Roni Doumit receiving the honoury price on behalf of ArDO-Sweden


Head of ArDO, Gabi Gello honoured to be among the close family of Platform Aram


The big Aramaic Houbo(chears) for the succes of Platform Aram


The Aramaic Neshro is flying across the buillding giving us all the hope we need


The joy was clear among the attendance


We could all have a taste of Tur Abdin


ArDO members praying in Aramaic while visiting Mor Yaakoub Church


Malfono Gabriel and ArDO just before leaving for Sweden


ArDO-Sweden on the way back to our beloved Sweden thanking our people in Holland

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