ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

2009: The Parliamentarian elections of the 700 and the Aramean Democratic Organization


The elections in Lebanon for the 2009 parliament has seen the highest number of candidates ever.
701 candidates are struggling for 128 seats.
The 701 are actually 700 and ArDO.

 ArDO is really offering a choice that no one else can do.
The Lebanese people don’t want any more wars and we like to think solving our problems should come with dialogue.
The Aramean Democratic Organization is the only organization among them all that is calling for a federal system i Lebanon.
We are the only ones that like to see a healthy and peaceful relation with both the Arab Syrian republic and the state of Israel.
We want Lebanon to find back to its roots and go forward from there.
With all respect to all names candidating, all the 700 are in one hand and the ArDO is in the other hand.
We have an ideology that is hard to argue against. We are running for our peoples cause and we still hope for a miracle.
To get somewhere in Lebanese politics, you will need:
1. A lot of money
2. Media
3. Large families related to other families.
This is what you need traditionally to enter the parliament.
ArDO is coming today to change the way of thinking politics in Lebanon.
We will be soft when it needs soft and we can promise you all that we will be strong when we are needed.
The Aramean Democratic Organization is entering the elections in Lebanon to win. No matter how the result will go, the ArDO has won many things so far and the rest are coming on the way.
Long Live the Aramean Nation and Long Live the Lebanese soil.
Roni Charbel Doumit
ArDO representative and candidate in the elections of 2009

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