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250,000 MUSLIMS never condemn violence against Christian Arameans (Syriacs) & Contact Info


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 To all MUSLIMS worldwide, from Turkey to Egypt and Iraq to Sudan or Indonesia: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

This is a very simple challenge to MUSLIMS in Facebook:

Prove the world that there are more than a little 250,000 peaceful, conscientious and caring MUSLIMS who, by joining this group BEFORE 1 August 2009,

publicly condemn the continuing (ISLAMIC) violence against the innocent, native and almost completely uprooted Christians of the Middle East,

in particular the violence against the stateless and forgotten Arameans (Syriacs) of Mesopotamia (Turkey, Iraq, Syria) & Copts of Egypt.

How many more innocent Archbishops, Priests, Deacons, Teachers, Lay men, women and children -- i.e. FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS -- must be brutally killed?

How much more of the antique and indigenous cultural heritage, to which MUSLIMS apparently feel no emotional attachment, must be destroyed and obliterated from the face of the earth?

This group was made FOR MUSLIMS because tonight, ONCE AGAIN, my fellow Aramean people and 6 of our ancient Aramaic churches in Baghdad, Iraq, have been bombed within 24 hours by MUSLIMS.

The MUSLIM world basically demonstrates fiercely against nearly everything nowadays, except against such horrific and barbarous acts. Why? How come?

To all MUSLIM leaders, media, organizations, etc. etc., be aware that:


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Office  ARAMEA

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