ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

The Archbishop Mar Austatheos Isaac on visit at the Aramaic Democratic Organization.

2010 04 23

On Friday April 23, 2010, His Excellence Mar Austatheos Isaac, Bishop of Indian Malabar visited the Aramaic Democratic Organizations headquarter located in Södertälje, Sweden accompanied by the deacons Estephan Aydin and Yusuf Aslan, and the young Aramaic guy Emmanuel Balgin and gave his blessing to the trustees and members of the organization for their intellectual and practically work in the service and develop of the Aramean people both at home and in Diaspora, and wished continuous success and prosperity to serve this great people. On the occasion of this generous visit the Chairman of the Aramaic Democratic Organization Mr. Gabi Galo presented the great Father with symbolic gift, for his distinguished interest to serve the Aramaic language.

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