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Proposal about the naming by his beatitude Patriarch Mar Sako



Based on the draft constitution of Kurdistan Region which will be submitted soon to the regional parliament for approval, the compound name (Chaldean Syriac Assyrian) is an issue of controversy.

The draft text reads:

"The people of the Kurdistan Region consists of Kurds, Turkmens, Arabs, Chaldeans Syriacs Assyrians, Armenians and others who are citizens of the Kurdistan Region" (Part I / core / article / 5 Principles ).

This is a modern designation which does not belong to history, and does not imply our identity. I cannot say that I am a Chaldean - Syriac Assyrian???

So, with all love and keenness I give my proposal to adopt one of these names or another reasonable name that can be proposed by others to maintain our unity:

My proposals are:

1-The name as set out in the Federal Constitution: or to place a comma between them and so say the Chaldean, and Syriac, and Assyrians.

2- The Arameans i.e. the Chaldeans, the Syracs, and Assyrians. This is a scholarly naming that has its geographical and linguistic roots!

3. Suraya: i.e. the Chaldeans, the Syriacs and the Assyrians. This is a common naming spread on the lips of the people?

My proposal is for discussion and is intended to agree on a mutually acceptable name.

Patriarch Louis Sako


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