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Arameans from Holland and Germany visits ArDO in Sweden


Many nationalistic Arameans from Holland & Germany made visit to Sweden among their visits in general the also visited the Aramean Democratic Organization in Sweden between 24th and 28th September. The Aramean Democratic Organization (ArDO) was very happy to see such positive Aramean nationalistic spirit among them, especially among the Aramean youth. We discussed about the Aramean ideology, future strategies, and to strengthen the communication between the Aramean Organizations in Europe and in the Middle East in the forthcoming years. We noticed that they were very thirsty and willing to work for the Aramean cause, and to work to preserve the sacred Aramaic language, especially among the youth and the coming generations.

Among those who visited ArDO was the former chairman of Platform Aram in Enschede Holland (Knushto D-Orom), Aboud Gawriye, and Nickolas Alp (from Platform Aram & the Aramean Movement for Human Right [Zow’o Oromoyo L-Zedqe Noshoye), . Melki Kerkush and Shikri Aygur are media-team of Suryoyo Sat Shikri Aygur the brother of Aziz Aygur (chairman of the Aramean Movement for Human Rights), Matay Aydin (son of malfono/teacher and singer Marawge Aydin) , Johan Gurkan (member of Suryoyo Sat, function PR) Melki Kerkush, Johnny Malki, Malek Malki.

Gabi Gallo (chairman of ArDO) and Aboud gawriye (former chairman of Platfrom Aram)

Elie Assaf, Gabi Gallo, Matay Aydin, Nickolas Alp, Johnny Melki, Johan Gurkan

Nickolas Alp and Aboud Gawriye

Johnny Malki, Johan Gurkan, Malek Malki, Elias Gawriye, David Dag (ArDO).

by: The Aramean Democratic Organisation

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