ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

ArDO welcomes the new corporation between the Lebanese Forces and Free Patriotic Movement and wants any president candidate chosen by a Christian majority to be elected in Lebanon. 

ArDOIn September 2015, ArDO Representative Roni Doumit together with SDs Julia Kronlid and Pavel Gamov visited Lebanon.

During the political tour we made we visited the Chaldean bishop's seat in Beirut's suburb of Sabtiyye, which helps vulnerable refugee families in the area.

They conduct training, distributing food, mattresses, blankets etc to all those in need who turn to them, regardless of religious affiliation, mainly the large group of Aramean Christians who fled from IS ravages of Mosul in Iraq. The refugee center is in great need of resources.

We got a good impression of their efforts and when nearing Christmas, we wish for our ArDO members to participate and contribute with something extra.

Through your gift to us you can contribute to a Christmas package filled with food and even some Christmas presents for children!

Our local members are on the ground and ensures that packets are delivered to those in need.

Here you can participate and make a difference!

ArDO Congratulations to all the liberated Lebanese state men from all races and especially to the 3 Aramean Christians.

God bless you all and keep you strong against the terror in the Middle East.


ArDO condemns the latest jihadist terrorist attacks in Beirut and Paris.

We hope the west will know that the war against islamism can not be won by weapons.

It is a war of ideologies and we need to win this.

ArDO activist Mr. David Dag was a dear guest among our Aramean brothers and sisters in Göteborg, Sweden and held a very apriciated seminar about the Aramean identity in history and present time.  
ArDO is very sorry for the loss of Lavin Eskandar, one of our fine Aramean youth. Lavin showed great courage and has become a hero in his town Trollhättan and entire Sweden. Lavin Eskandar gave his life so that the kids in the school could live. We all wish we can have one Lavin in our childrens schools. 
God Bless your soul our Aramean Eagle Lavin Eskandar.  


ArDO support the Lebanese people in their strife to peacefully change the current corruption in the country. 
ArDO is also aware of the different attempts made by parties who need to destroy this movement and take the country into chaos. 
We believe that the ¨tol3et ri7itkon¨ movement will be wise and take the right steps. Our members and supporters will join any peaceful action under the Lebanese flag only. 

May God Help Lebanon and the Lebanese,
ArDO Media Group 
ArDO congratulate the Lebanese army on its anniversary and gives all its support in the fight against terrorism. 
ArDO encourage the army to take control over all the Lebanese territories including the Hezbollah security areas and the armed Palestinian camps. 
The Lebanese armed forces should work more with the UN forces to implement UN resolution 1559 so that Lebanon can be free from all kind of illegal weapons. 
ArDO calls on all the Lebanese politicians to stand together and implement UN resolution 1559. 
If that is impossible by the current government then they need to call on the UN to assist, even under chapter 7 if needed.
If 1559 is implemented then all weapons outside the Lebanese army and police will be taken and only then we can start to build a strong and an open minded Country. 
A country were its Citizens can democraticly choose their leaders and the system they like to live in.
ArDO represented by Mr. Hicham Younes had the honour to attend the USEK Conference about Seyfo. 
It is a great step taken in the USEK University in Jounieh, Lebanon. We support that and hope that all universities and institutions would do the same. 
ArDO can see the troubles and problems coming to Lebanon if there will continue to exist an armed party in Lebanon controling most of the countries authorities. We in ArDO call on the Lebanese government and people to act before it is too late. 
We dont want to see any war soon but the way things are going in the country will lead to a war and then we can not undo anything. 
We must act now and if the lebanese government is not able to disarm all lebanese and foreign militias in the country then we need help from the UN to spread its troops over all territories and by force collect the illigal arms.
100 modern years of dark time for the Middle Eastern Christians From Turkey to Egypt and Iraq through Lebanon, Palestinian territories and Syria. The Christians were and still are being massacred, persecuted, kidnapped, forcibly converted, evicted, expelled, lived as second and third class citizens in the countries they once where lords over and its indeginous people and built it as the best place to live in at that time. 
Today more than ever the Middle Eastern Christian Arameans needs real sollutions like independence, autonomy or at least federalism. 
Only this way they would be able to have a good life were they can plan and prepare for their children. / Roni Doumit
Återigen skriver svenskar om konflikten mellan Israel och Palestinier som att konflikten skulle utspela sig i Småland eller Uppland. Man har inte känsla för hur saker är på marken. 
Hamas är en terrororganisation som Israel prövat flera gånger och när man ger ett finger vill den ha hela handen. 
Må Israel göra slut på Hamas en gång för alla (för palestiniernas skull), 
och sen på islamistiska rörelser (för libanesers skull).
ArDO wishes to see great changes in Lebanon during 2014:
First a strong new president who represents the Christian's will.
2: 64 new parliament members elected by the votes of Christians.
3: Weapon-free lebanon except with governmental police and military
4: A federal system that gives all regions the right to control and plan their destinies
ArDO Asks the Lebanese President and Government and Parliament why they are not doing any diplomatic steps to solve the problems with Israel and put a road map to a peace agreement with its southern neighbour. It is time that we show the world that peace is made with dialogue and not violence.
ArDO calls the International Community to stop this game in Lebanon played by the different politicians. Lebanon needs urgent help to implement UN resolution 1559 and this is the only step that will help the state to get back on its feets and start to function like a normal democratic state.
ArDO urges the UN to send troops to Lebanon and disarm all non lebanese organisations under chapter seven. The UN must help Lebanon to implement UN resolution 1559 because it is only with that we will start to see any improvement in the land of the cedars,  
ArDO welcomes the release of the Syrian and Lebanese Nuns and hope they can be back to Maaloula soon to practise their faith normally. 
ArDO also welcomes the release of the Christian Zahle Boy, Michel Saqr and hopes that he will be the last child that get kidnap. 
We urge the lebanese police and Military to spread their activities across the entire state and on all the borders.
ArDO congratulates the leader of the Mashriq Party Mr. Rodrigue Khoury for his victory against terrorism. 
We are glad that you got back safely after you and your Group being hit by Islamists in Tripoli in northern Lebanon.  
ArDO wish the Mashreq Party the best luck and prosperity in 2014.
Aramean Democratic Organisation

The Aramaic Democratic Organisation urges the President of the Republic of Lebanon Mr. Michel Sleimen to take actions towards stoping the escalation of violence in the country. 
Actions must be made today so that no new militant Groups can be born tomorow.
ArDO support the President if he is willing to make the state stronger. 
Lebanon can only be strong if its army and police are strong. 
Since more than 40 years Lebanon have been accepting armed Groups outside the Control of the Lebanese parliament, government and presidency. 
It is time to stop this bad habit and start to really enter all the areas and places that until today are forbiden for the state authorities. 
The disarming of all Lebanese and foreign militias must start now. 
The main militias are: The shiite Hezballa, Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Alawite Arab Democratic Party. 
The Sunni lebanese Groups mainly in Tripoli and Saida and parts of the Bekaa. 
The Palestinian Ahmad Gibril Groups, the Abou Mousa Group, the Abou Nidal Group, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Fatah organisation. 
Only then Lebanon can declare itself an independent State and start to function like most other countries.


The Syrian army will be forced to enter parts of Lebanon to fight Islamist militants striking it from Lebanese territories. 

The same scenario was seen in the past when Israel was forced to do the same to fight different Palestinian and Arab leftist groups fighting it from Lebanese soil. Back then the Lebanese state was unable to intervene and stop this before it got too late and we all know what happend in Lebanon during that period in the 70s and 80s. 


We, the Free Lebanese people refuse to see our country entering new wars that are not ours, the time of ¨others wars on our soil¨ is behind us and we will not let it come again. 

We in Aramean Democratic Organisation support and encourage the Lebanese army and the Lebanese presidency to make all efforts to stop this scenario from repeating itself in Lebanon, if that needs a call for help from the UN or Nato we are ready to accept that. 

It is time the Lebanese lives through at least one generation without wars.  


The Aramean Democratic Organisation, ArDO strongly supports the Aramaic Camp held in the Holy Land buy our Brothers and Sisters in the Aramaic Center. We are very proud of you and wishes you a great time getting to know our language and Culture more and more. We like to invite you at any time you can come to Sweden where we can be able to show you more of our Aramaic civilization in the diaspora.
God Bless you and God Bless our Aramaic history and future.
Aramean Democratic Organisation

The Aramean Democratic Organisation, ArDO supports the Lebanese army against all enemies of a free Lebanon. The army should continue its heroic work against the relatively small islamist organisations to cover the biggest islamist organisation among them, the iranian hezballa. After that it should clean Lebanon from all palestinian militias and jihadist groups. This is the answer to Lebanons problems today and this is what we all wanted when the UN resolution 1559 was made.
ArDO congratulates the Oriental Greek Orthodox Church for its new Patriarch and wishes him all succes in leading his Church towards a better future and more cooperation with other Christians from other Churches.
May he be fair and brave in his decisions.
The Aramean Democratic Organisation congratulates the Maronites all over the world in Saint Maroun day, May the Aramean Maronite people always be in peace and prosperity.
ArDO congratulate the Oriental Greek Orthodox Church for its newly elected Patriach Yohana Yaziji.
We Hope the new Head of the Church will guide its members in a wise and brave way.
ArDO counts on the new Patriarch to support the groups that try to show the right identity for the people.
With strong Patriarchs in the Middle East our Aramaic people will be stronger and more united around one identity and one goal.
ArDO Remembers the Great friend and Brother in the Cause, Pierre Amin Gemayel on the Annual Day of Assasination. The Strong Leader Kept on Living Close to the People Despite all the Threats He Got. He was a Great Aramean Maronite Lebanese and ArDO will Always have a Special Place for him in its Memory.
Many Lebanese governments in the last 20 years has been doing plunder, ripoff, steal, legalized mugging, piracy, licensed theft, cheat, snatch and swindle. Still people continue to support them and accept that they higher their already high salaries when low incomst lebanese struggles every day to survive. ArDO call the people to rise and stop supporting corruption in the governing of the country.
ArDO congratulate the Coptic people in the World for the election of the new blessed Pope Teodoros. May the new Pope unite the Copts and be a strong voice in the Egyptian Future so that justice and equality can prevail.
The Aramean Democratic Organization strongly condemns the assassination of Brig. Gen. Wissam al Hassan in Ashrafiyye. Every person in Lebanon knows what forces is it that have full control over the intelligence work in Lebanon.
The ones that cant stop the revolution and violence in Syria have been trying to start similar actions in Lebanon. They have tried all possible ways and they will continue until they win or loose everything. ArDO call on the Lebanese President Mr. Michel Sleimen to act fast and act hard. When the government is under Ayatollah and Assad regime control the President must act to save the Lebanese people from suffering a new war. ArDO supports the President of Lebanon in any step he takes toward that goal.
A group from The Aramean Democratic Organization headed by its leader Mr. Gabi Gallo had the honor to participate in the Christian mass held in Gotenburg, Sweden for the memory of Lebanon's greatest President and best leader of the Christian Middle Eastern resistance, the never dying brother Bachir Gemayel. ArDO met Nadim Gemayel, the son of Bachir and the representative of the Christian population in the Lebanese Parliament. ArDO and Mr. Nadim met after the mass and exchanged many ideas and shared many goals to reach the good life our brothers and sisters in Lebanon are dreaming of.

ArDO condemn the barbaric acts of islamist groups in Egypt trying to make Egypt's Copts to abandon Sinai with threats and attacks on their properties. ArDO call the new Egyptian President to send special troops to the region with one mission, the protection of the Christians.


30 years since the greatest Middle Eastern Christian leader Bachir Gmayel was assassinated.
3 days of a blessed visit from the head of the largest church on earth, Pope Benedict XVI.
Both are great men that wanted and always want Lebanon to be a free country for Christians so they can play the important role of spreading the peace and democracy ideology across the Middle East.
ArDO remembers Bachir and welcomes the visit of the Pope as a salvation step and a push in the right direction to give the Christians of the Middle East hopes of a free future in our historical lands.

To All Our Supporters, Join us Now in Our Facebook Group.
Join by Entering:

Lebanon is a rich, democratic and peace loving country. Since more than 30 years ago state existens is always threatened because of the dilemma made by Syrias late president Hafez al Assad to control this land, smal in territory but big in geografical and historical matters.
The syrian army has for years been practicing war in the Lebanese playground. Now they are using all their muscles on their own population.
It is about time the regime gives up and let Syria start to be democratic and peaceful as it should.

ArDO welcomes the new law in Lebanon regarding the banning of smoking in closed areas.
Even if we disagree in many issues with the current government but this step is still a good one.
ArDO encourage all its members to stop smoking so we can have healthy youth and a bright future.


ArDO support all efforts done by the Lebanese army to stop violence in Tripoli from spreading to entire Lebanon. ArDO also calls for the disarmament of all organized and unorganized groups in the country

ArDO calls out to the regime in Syria to stop the bleeding of Syria by stepping down and letting free elections to take place. Dont do the same misstakes you did in Lebanon resulting in 15 years of total war with devestating results, such as:

Human Losses:
140 000 killed
300 000 injured
800 000 displaced or forced to relocate inside the country
950 000 emigrated
17 000 reported missing

Material losses:
145 000 homes completly destroyed
175 villages and towns damaged
17 out of 33 dioceses damaged or destroyed
30 % of the Catholic schools completly destroyed
47 out of 376 Moslem places of worship damaged or destroyed

Leave power now and let Syria have the future it deserve

The Lebanese government should stop letting terror organisations operate in the country. Terror organisations such as iranian Hezballa, Palestinian Hamas, PFLP-General Command, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Palestinian Liberation Front, palestinian Islamic Jihad, Abou Nidal Organisation, Abou Mousa Organisation and a number of different Sunni islamist Jihadist organisations.


ArDO support the return of all displaced Lebanese families in and outsite the country. We also demand the immediate release of all political Lebanese prisoners in Syrian jails.


Any political party in Lebanon that does not believe in Lebanons sovereignty should be dissolved.

ArDO encourage all freedom supporters in Syria to send letters and faxes to the President of the Syrian Arab Republic Mr. Bachar al-Assad telling him to stop the killings in Syria by stepping down and letting new people to take over the power in the country by free democratic elections.

Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic

Fax: 00963 113323410

It is time that all ethnic groups in the Middle East get to live in their free independent states. ArDO will continue to work toward a free Aramean state in the Middle East, a state for all the Aramean Christian groups to feel home in.

ArDO congratulates the Lebanese Army Forces on their day and wishes them the best in the future in the presence of great dangers in Lebanon and the region. We stand by you in all your efforts to clean Lebanon from terrorists with and without arms.


ArDO urges the Lebanese government to resign immediately because it has failed to solve the most important issues in the country and make life easier for its citizens.


26 of Mars, some of the Lebanese Celebrated South Lebanon getting empty of its Heroes and letting Islamist Organisation hezballa to Rule. ArDO Call the Lebanese State to Bring back the South Lebanese Army from Israel and Give them back their Lands in South Lebanon.


The Aramean Democratic Organization congratulates the Swedish Syrian politician and dear friend Mr. Abdulbaset Seida for his election as head of the Syrian National Council. ArDO wish Mr. Seida the best in uniting the Syrian opposition and adressing the international community convincing it to stand by the Syrian people.

ArDO urges the Maronite Patriarch to make a plan putting an end to sale of Christian land in Lebanon.
ArDO Quote Bachir Gemayel:
Lebanon is our homeland and will remain a homeland for Christians, we want to continue to Christen, to celebrate our rites and traditions, our faith and our creed whenever we wish.. Henceforth, we refuse to live in any dhimmitude!.

In a Federal Lebanon all Groups can have the Lebanon they Desire and Dream of


ArDO calls for an Aramean state in its historical land in the Middle East. A state open for all Arameans around the world to emigrate to. A state where the Aramaic language can once again flourish and develop.

We Are Ready Today as We Were Yesterday and as We will Be Ready Tomorow When Lebanon Calls Us to Defend its Christianity and Aramean Roots
ArDO send its condolences to the Coptic people all around the world for the lost of Pope Shenouda the third.
The Pope played a great role in the Egyptian history and the life of the Coptic people.
We all wish that God will take care of his soul.

Long Live the Coptic and the Aramean Nation
One year has passed since the Syrian Revolution started. After one year of violence and bloodshed more than 8000 has been killed, more than 20 000 injured and over 30 000 Syrians have become refugees. ArDO call the Syrian regime to invite the various Syrian opposition groups outside Syria and work out a plan how the top persons in the regime should leave the power to new democratic elected leaders. One year of blood is enough.
On the 7th anniversary of the Cedars Revolution ArDO is still supporting the goals of the revolution witch were and always will be: The full retreat of the Arab Syrian army from Lebanon. The full disarmament of the various Palestinian camps and various Lebanese militias, mainly the Iranian Hezbollah. The spirit of the Cedars Revolution was pluralism in Lebanon and this is how ArDO view the future of Lebanon. Pluralism between its sects, cultures, people and identities.

We congratulate the lebanese people on the independence day from France 1943 but also wonder, when will Lebanon be independent from the arab and syrian imperial dreams.
Lebanon should work activly on liberating the 3 km area of Shebaa from Israel and the 460 km area in the Bekaa from Syria.
Long Live Lebanon and Long Live the Aramean Lebanon

To all the jews of the world,  We in the Aramean Democratic Organisation would like to congratulate you on the jewish new year,  Happy Rosh Hashana to you all


Ivory Coast: More than 100 bodies found, says UN

More than 100 bodies have been found in Ivory Coast, the United Nations has said, amid the continuing conflict between rivals for the presidency in april 2011. The UN said the bodies had been found in the west of the country, in apparent ethnic killings.

ArDO calls for an international court to investigate all ethnic crimes in Ivory Coast

The Aramean Democratic Organization congratulate the southern people of Sudan for their struggle and achievement to establish an independent state that ensure human rights to all its citizens. ArDO wishes that more people in the Middle East would be able to reach independence on their historical lands.

Long Live the New Republic of South Sudan and Long Live the Aramean Nation

ArDO Political Bureau

Demonstrationsvågen i Mellanöstern behöver stöd

 Dialog är grunden för vilken hållbar fred som helst i världen. Demokratiutvecklingen i Mellanöstern står idag på ett ben. Får den inte hjälp från omvärlden kan den lätt falla och gå tillbaka men med lite hjälp kan den få en chans att bli stadig och överleva. Östeuropa genomgick denna förvandling från diktatur till demokrati för 20 år sedan och nu är det Mellanöstern och Nordafrikas tur. Det är dags att FN och de stora makterna att ta sitt ansvar och börjar agera mer och prata mindre. FN ska inte vara rädd för att ingripa militärt när ett folk reser sig mot sin diktaturregim och slåss för sitt liv helt obeväpnat och fredligt. Aramean Democratic Organisation kallar till en bred dialog i varje land vars folk har fått nog och börjat resa sig för en hållbar reformutveckling.

Arameisk Demokratiska organisationen

 Media Group

It is unacceptable that the Lebanese regime send back Syrian soldiers and civilians seeking shelter in Lebanon. Lebanon must open its northern border more and work on helping the Syrian people. The Lebanese regime should also stop the Palestinians in the south that tries to make trouble between Lebanon and Israel. Lebanon should always seek for peace and be able to control all its territories toward a general peace.

ArDO Political Bureau


No Body wants to help the Christians of the Middle East.
The Choices given to our people has always been 1 of 3:
1. Leave your Land
2. Become Muslim
3. Stay and live in apartheid Every Day Until You Die
The Aramean Democratic Organization is Creating History by declaring those choices as Unacceptable, ArDO calls on all the free Arameans in the Middle East and the Free World to Support any effort made for an Independent Aramean State for the Aramean Nation
ArDO supports the efforts made by the new Maronite patriarch Mor Bshara Raae to get the maronite political leaders together.
The meeting between the 4 biggest Maronite and Christian parties was a great step towards a calmer sphere in the Christian areas and can reflect on the entire Lebanese society.

ArDO Media Group

The Federal system in Lebanon is the best way of ruling.
The Lebanese republic can become:
The United States of Lebanon


2011 04 13
ArDO remembers the war in Lebanon that fully started on the 13th of april 1975 with great sorrow but also with great pride.
Sorrow because many of our brothers and sisters had to give their lives so that we can still have a free country called Lebanon.
Pride because those brothers and sisters that became martyrs did it in a heroic way that historians will write about. When Lebanon needed help the Aramean Christians were first to hear the call and stand on the front to defend everything pure that this country stands for.
ArDO wish that no one will have to see such war again but makes sure that whenever a danger is getting closer Lebanon we shall all be ready to get to the front and defend.
Long Live Free Lebanon
ArDO Media Group

The Aramean democratic organisation, ArDO Congratulates the new Maronite Patriarch Mor Bshara Raae for his appointment as head of the Maronite Syriac Church.
All the Arameans in the world can be proud and look forward to a great era with our new Patriarch.
ArDO would also like to thank the great patriarch Mor Nasrallah Botros Sfeir for his struggle to keep the Christians strong in Lebanon and the Middle East between 1986 and 2011.
May God be with our Patriarch and the entire Church.

ArDO Media Group

ArDO supports any Maronite bishop elected as a Patriarch as long as he will work for keeping the Christians of Lebanon in Lebanon.
The new Patriarch should know that he will be seen not only as father of the maronites but for all the Middle Eastern Christians.
May God bless the bishops gathering in Bkerke to elect with faith.
ArDO Media Group

The Aramean Democratic Organisation, ArDO supports all the free Lebanese going to the freedom/martyr square in Beirut.
ArDO support the steps taken to eliminate all weapon in Lebanon outside the state control.
Long Live the Free Aramean and long live Lebanon


Happy St. Maroun's Day to all Aramean brothers and sisters of the Maronite Church


More than 1,000 Muslim protesters have stormed a courthouse and burned two churches in central Java, Indonesia.
ArDO stands by all the Christian Indonesian in this hard times. ArDO also calls on the Indonesian authorities to act fast and jail those who attacked and burned the churches.

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO gives the greatest condolences to all Lebanese that lost their relatives in the plane crash over northern Iraq. 
May God be with their souls and give comfort to all who loved them and will miss them.

ArDO Media Group

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO salutes all our martyrs in Damour.
The annual memory of the Damour massacre which occured on the 20th january 1976 is coming up.
582 people were butchered to death by the palestinian millitants and there arab and lebanese allies.
Women and children were butchered and chopped and cut into pieces.
20 000 of damours inhabitants were forced to flee as there town was being destroyed and looted by the PLO and mercenries From lybia, Syria ,Afganistan and so on.The whole world turned a blind eye in Damour.
ArDO call its supporters to light a candle for them and pray for them.
may God be with all our Christian Aramean martyrs

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO:
- Any Lebanese indicted by the international criminal court "STL" investigating the 2005 Assassination of ex prime minister Rafic Harriri, must be excluded from the new Lebanese Government.
- As soon as the indictment is issued, all suspect Lebanese must step down right away before the international court reaches a verdict.
- Any suspect in the 21 assassinations against the Cedar Revolution M14 cannot hold neither retain any official post.


Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO The Hizballa coalition has once again forced the Lebanese government to collapse, ArDO support any new government that exclude any party opposing to the UN resolution 1559 and the international tribunal.

ArDO Political Bureau

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO welcomes the resignation of the Tunisian President Zinedin Ben Ali and hope that the tunisian people will be able to form a fair government and elect a just president so that freedom and equality can rule.
ArDO Political Bureau

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO:

We in the Aramean Democratic Organization gives our fully support to the Lebanese minister Boutros Harb in his latest law proposal regarding the stop of Christian land selling in Lebanon. We believe this is a great step to keep the Christians of Lebanon in their towns and villages and should be adopted by most parliament members.

ArDO Political Bureau 

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO:
ArDO asks: When will the western countries and the Islamic regimes wake up and start to protect the world heritage people of the Middle Eastern Christians.

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO Bayen ArDO:

Hezbollah, the Khamenei armed militia inside Lebanon, has paralyzed Lebanon in order to force the Lebanese government to reject the STL, the Iranian supreme leader describes "as null and void" any ruling by STL!
The STL is approved by the Lebanese elected majority government & parliament. The STL is probing the 2005 assassination of former premier Rafiq Hariri along with 24 other assassinations against the Cedar Revolution

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO:
No Middle Eastern country should be able to celebrate their independence day as long as the genocide against the Aramean people and the rest of the Christians in Iraq are being killed and driven away from their homes and historical places.

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO:
The official Lebanon is celebrating its independence day today, we in the Aramean Democratic Organisation, ArDO would like to see a true independence from all foreign troops and militias. Israel still occupy around 3km on the southern border, Syria is still occupying 460 km in the eastern border, Palestinian groups occupying 15 camps and Iranian hezballa having armed control over half of the rest of Lebanon.

Long Live the Independence

ArDO Political Bureau

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO stands by all Lebanese that chooses to live under the Lebanese law and be a part of the international community.
ArDO support the all UN resolutions, espacially the resolutions 1559 and 1701 to be implemented all the way.

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO:
The Aramean Democratic Organisation, ArDO support the possition taken by Sami Gemayel against some of the Lebanese parties that doesnt know what democratic means.
The Lebanese parliament members Sami and Nadim gemayel belongs to the old school of the Lebanese resistance and we support all their steps toward a free and independent Lebanon.
Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO:
The Trio-Iran-Syria-Hizbollah are doing their best to stop all democratic process in Lebanon,
dont let them continue!
Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO:
ArDO supports the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority but any agreement must take in consideration the interest of the palestinian aramean minorities. The identity of the aramean Christians must be recognized in any future palestinian state as one of the national identities of the state.
Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO:
ArDO lights Candles for the Aramean detainees and prisoners of dignity and freedom all over the world, espacially in the Middle East.

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO :

A group of armed men abducted a Chaldean Christian man last night in Kirkuk. Local sources told AsiaNews that Yonan (Jonas ) Daniel Mammo, 50, was closing his office in the Almas neighbourhood when three armed individuals got out of a BMW and took him.
Mammo is married and has two daughters. He is not a rich man but works at an exchange control office. After he was abducted, he called his wife by phone, saying that he had been taken. Since then, there have been no news from him. Many believe he was kidnapped for ransom.

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO:

The Lebanese national dialogue table, the Doha agreement and the Government policy statement all agreed on the National Tribunal, in addition to 5 years of Hezbollah and March 8 claiming to agree to the Tribunal, when today Hassan Nassrallah said the tribunal is an Israeli plan!!!

It seems again that whenever Hizballa is not happy it means more problems for Lebanon.

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO:

ArDO supports the UN forces in Lebanon and hope they can make the job done no matter what interior and regional politicians tries to do. The UN should be able to stop any weapon deliveries or other suspected acts.
Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO:
The Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO supports the resolution to give the palestinian refugees in Lebanon all civil rights. In return the palestinians must turn their arms to the Lebanese army and let the Lebanese authorities take control over the 12 civil camps and the large numbers of military camps around Beirut and the border with Syria.

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO ArDO warns from any action by the 8 of march coalition to end the lebanese current government
March 8 reject the main 3 points agreed upon to form a unity government.
International tribunal, UN Resolutions and Armed groups outside government control are under attack by March 8 groups.
This would not only bring an end to the current UNITY government, this would also terminate the National dialogue table, the Doha agreement and leave Lebanon an open arena for the many regional disputes.
ArDO Political Bureau

Aramean Democratic Organization, ArDO condolence


With great sadness the Aramean Democratic Organization received the news of the demise of Mr. Alexander Alptakin, the former chairman of the European Syriac Union.

We express our warmest condolences to his widow and family and the members of the European Syriac Union. May the Lord bestow his mercy on him and bless you all.

Aramean Democratic Organization

as long as the Christian parties in Lebanon are devided there will be organisations trying to take advantage of our people.
Ain el remmene is a Christian part of Beirut that have been going through some bad times recently with several attempts from the Hizballa dominated nearby areas to start trouble.
The Aramean Democratic Organisation, ArDO have passed 500 members on Facebook.
Feel free to enter Facebook and join us.
17 years ago, a great Christian fighter was kidnapped from his home in Beirut. Botros Khawand worked for the Christian and the nationalit Lebanese during his life in the Kataeb party and we call on the Lebanese authority to make all efforts to find him and bring him back, dead or alive. It is the duty of the Lebanese state.

ArDO encourage 14 of March coalition in Lebanon to not include Hezballa in the new government

ArDO remembers the Great Christian leader Bachir Gemayel on the 27th memorial day.
May his martyrdom give us peace in the future. He died for the dream and we will die to realize that dream.

ArDO Congratulates the Lebanese people for the independence of 1943 and wish that the Arab colonisation of our Aramean identity will come to an end. We believe the Christians of Lebanon are Arameans.
by: ArDO Media Group

ArDO congratulate the Lebanese people and hope the new government will work on making the life of the people little better. On the other hand we would have liked to see a government free from any armed militia.

Aramean Democratic Organization:

ArDO:April 13, 1975 - The enemies of Lebanon shot 4 civilians at the front door of the Church
" Notre Dame De la Deliverance" in Ain El Remmaneh, East Beirut.
The victims were:
Joseph Abu Assi, Antoine Husseini, Dib Assaf and Selman Ibrahim Abou khater.
Today George Abou Madi is continuing their martyrdom. God be with our martyrs.
ArDO: Mr. President of the Lebanese Republic, always we see the heroes getting pushed aside and the terrorists getting glorified as heroes. why dont you bring back the heroes of the regular south lebanese army that have taken refugee in Israel? we need our boys back, they stood up for Lebanon when Lebanon needed them. they should be welcomed as heroes also.


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