ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

The speech of the representative of Aramaic Democratic

 Organization in Brussels

Roni Doumit


Because the so called Islamic countries helps the Muslims where ever they might be and what ever they might do. While the so called West or Christian countries help people in need in general and have no interest in helping our people particularly, we as Christian people from the Middle East belonging to the Aramaic civilization have many times seen the solutions for our countries come on our cost, we know that we need today to come together and help our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. We know now that after Jesus we have only each others.

We in the Aramaic democratic organization would like to adopt the scout slogan, always ready and always ready we are for our brothers and sisters in need.

The Aramaic democratic organization in Sweden is a political movement striving to establish a system in the Middle East where all identities can be respected. Today, when all our lands and influence from Turkey to Iraq to Syria to Jordan to Palestine and Israel are lost, we have one last tower standing and that is the place we see as the place to support until we get our free Aramaic country, the place is Lebanon or at least the part of Lebanon that can be made a Christian autonomy.

We have a clear goal and that is to implement the pluralism system in the whole Middle East with Lebanon or parts of Lebanon as our autonomy region to express our identity in any way we like.

How can we forget the massacres of our Christian people in Turkey when we are being reminded of it from while to while during new massacres and by new enemies.

We got reminded of the awful means our enemies use when the war in Lebanon started and the city of Damour was massacred in 1976. Later in 1983 we had more than 20 villages massacred and left to burn.

Our wounds are not healed. The Turkish regime must recognize the massacres and compensate the people in any respected way.

We in the Aramaic democratic organization in Sweden would like to show our fullest respect to the heroes of our people that stood tall and faced the massacres of the barbarian enemies instead of changing their divine religion or running away or doing anything that does not make them heroes in our eyes.

Those victims of the Jihad should be seen as heroes and not victims.

Long live the will of our people and long live the dream of our free and independent nation.

The Aramaic democratic organization, Sweden

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