ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

ArDO answer Hassan Nasrallah of Hezballah

 After we heard Hassan Nasrallah's last message, we learnt that:
 1.  He once again ignored the will of the Lebanese people, and decided not to disarm and to continue the fight against Israel (Is it really an open war against Israel or against the Democracy of Lebanon?).
 2. He clearly stated that the Lebanese Government is not capable to rebuild and reimburse the people for the loss of their homes and businesses, so he is taking the initiative to replace and rebuild disregarding the presence of the government, and acting as if he is in charge replacing the government institutions with money from the terror sponsor Islamic state of Iran.
 3. He indirectly declared the Southern Part of Lebanon to be under his Monarchy while he continues to weaken the Government position with the help of his local partners including the "Great General", and of course his leaders in the Persian State and Syria.
 Have we asked ourselves, why he calls his resistance the Islamic Resistance not the Lebanese Resistance? A resistance not even Islamic in general but actually Shiite resistance.
 ArDO hope that Hassan Nasrallah will get the new rules of the game and stand in line with most of the Lebanese politicians that saw the wind of UN resolution 1559 as something good and liberating.
 By: ArDO press office

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