ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


A New barbarian massacre affects the Aramean people.






We have followed the recent development of the latest despicable terrorist action taken against the believing Arameans who held a church mass in the Syriac Catholic Church in Baghdad with broken, and with tremendous sorrow in our hearts. This brutal and terrible bloodbath has harvested a huge number of innocent lives, in the list of the enormous numbers of the martyrs of the Aramean nation that had to sacrifice their own lives during the centuries in the name of the faith and for the motherland.

It is only beings in whose veins the blood of hatred, conquest, crimes and killing flows to commit such bestial abuse. Only beings in whose hearts there is no place for any human emotions left, can commit such terrible and disgusting crime against innocent and peaceful praying people in the House of God. So cruel, so barbaric and so ruthless!  We encourage all Aramean organizations, institutions and leading figures, regardless of church affiliation/denomination, to immediately unite in their efforts and coordinate with the international community to put forward a powerful and effective security plan, and to take urgent and immediate action to protect our people, who have been hostages in their motherland, from its enemies in general and the Islamic terrorist movements in particular.

Aramean Democratic Organization (ArDO)

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