ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

To our Aramaic people


Today we can ascertain that the traditional Syriac associations and organizations have totally failed to recruit our youths and make them to feel solidarity with their own people and history. These young people who have grown up in the free democratic world and studied in its schools and universities expect great things from their traditional institutions. None of these organizations have been able to meet the youth’s expectations and critical questions. 

Non one has been able to show them a clear and straight goal to strive for in the future. Numerous weak thinkers with coward characters have been in enough powerful positions to influence our youth. In the last years, a great number of young people have tried to find their own place in the history and made their own researches in order to trace their real roots. These investigations have in most cases ended up with the fact that the names “Aramaic” and “Syriac” are two sides of same coin. Many leaders of organizations who carry the Syriac name have begun feeling threatened of the Aramaic name, especially as this name gains more and more popularity among our people and in the international scene. What is happening today is nothing but a crime against our people’s historical Aramaic name.

Various leaders in different situations strain every nerve in order to erase the Aramaic name and replace it with different variants as Syriac, Assyrian, Chaldean et cetera.

They have stopped using the name in their magazines and associations and also begun broadcasting propaganda via the TV station, Suryoyo SAT which to high extend is sponsored by our beloved people in the Diaspora and who believe in the Aramaic name.

Today we turn to you, leaders of all institutions with an appeal to return to the correct name. Our name is not for sale! You simply can not bargain about a people’s identity! If you feel ashamed of it today, our people will feel ashamed of you in the future. We appeal to you to use your common sense and accept existing facts. Our hope at the end is resting on our people and we are convinced that our young people will at the end make the right decision and adopt the Aramaic name as the unification name which will be able to include all our groups under the same roof.

Aramean Democratic Organisation

Media Office

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