ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

We strongly condemn the coward terrorist action against the killing of father Josef Adel Aboudi in Bagdad.



Another dark day and a new crime shakes the christian community in the Middle East by the sons of ambushers and darkness and grandsons of the headsmen and conquerors and those who are shaped by the hate and evil against the others. Those are the brothers of devils and the fundamental islamic terrorist organizations, who once again committed the killing of a new symbol of the peaceful christian symbols in Iraq, father Josef Adel Aboudi, the shepherd of Saint Peter and Paul Syriac Orthodox Church in Bagdad next to his house and in front of his family.
We at the Aramean Democratic Organization condemn this action and reject the negative position of the iraqi goverment and the allied forces for their negligence of the blood of the christians and their clergymen for thier weak positions of protecting them and chasing of the criminals and punching them.On this sad occasion we ask our Lord and protector to let Father Josef and all those christians martyrs who died before him rest in peace. We express our deepest condolences to Father Josefs wife and his family in particular and to the Syriac Orthodox Church all over the world with His Holliness the Partriac Zakka Iwas on the top and the Middle Easts christians, in general. Furthermore we ask the United Nations and Security Council to take immediate appropriate actions to protect the Aramaic people leaving in the East and Iraq against killing, extermination and emigration and who has preserved it´s own etnical and relgion identity until our days before the barbaric competition of the conquerors against it begun.
Aramean Democratic Organisation- Sweden

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