ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


ArDOs latest visit to Lebanon was succesful because we managed to bond a few important key players in the political arena to our common goals for Lebanon. We who Believe in the true identity of the Christian Lebanese and in the federal system of the state that guarantees all Citizens a true representation in all governmental levels and make the gap smaller between the ruler and the people. 
 1. ArDOs head of foreign relations Mr. Roni Doumit, ArDO representative Mr. Antoun Harb and Head of Kataeb party, MP Sami Gemayel
 2. ArDOs Roni Doumit with Mr. George el Rayyes, head of Media department in Lebanese Forces/Metn branch 
 3. ArDOs Roni Doumit with Mr. Charles Sarkis, Mr. Francois Alam and others from the Lebanese Christian Federation 
 4. ArDOs Roni Doumit with Dr. Elie Bitar, activist in the Lebanese NGO society
 5. ArDOs Roni Doumit with Mr. Hanna Atik, head of the Lebanese Forces Corrective Movement


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