"> Lebanon is bleeding with Gebran Tueini

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Lebanon is bleeding with Gebran Tueini


Gebran Tueini never asked if Lebanon will be free some day and stop bleeding. Instead Gebran always asked when Lebanon will stop bleed and through his entire life he tried to make the Lebanon he loved so much stop bleeding.

The Aramean Democratic Organization and the World Maronite Union in Europe would like to show their deepest respect and condolences for not only his small family and not only to his relatives but to the entire Lebanese population that consider Gebran as their elder brother and spoke man for their needs and rights.

With Gebran Lebanon is still bleeding and we are asking God to give the Lebanese government the strength to do what it should have done long time ago.

To stop the terror activities in Lebanon we have to start with stopping the tunnels of armed resources. Weapons that is still uncontrolled or controlled by different parties that don’t belong to the Lebanese body of freedom and liberty.

We simply call for the entire free Lebanese people in and outside Lebanon, we call on the friends of Lebanon all over the world and we call on the world leaders that see the opportunity in a free and democratic Lebanon. We call you all to stand by the UN resolution 1559 and to not settle with less than the full implementing of the 1559.

Today the 1559 is the least that we can have in Lebanon if Lebanon will start to rise as a free nation again.

May Gebran blood have the importance in our lives just like his voice and pen had in our every day struggle.

Lebanon is rising with you Gebran; rest in peace our dear brother and we will see you soon in heaven smiling down on our Cedar land Lebanon.

Gabi Gello, President for Aramean Democratic Organization

Roni Doumit, Secretary General for World Maronite Union in Europe

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