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Khabur massacre

The stigma of shame on the forehead of the international community!



Yesterday the Syrian island, and specifically villages Khabur, and its inhabitants from the Arameans of Church of the East, displaced people originally from Iraq to the Syrian island for nearly cent in, and known as one of its branches now the Church of the Assyrian, the scene of a Battle of barbarism led as usual by hordes of hatred, namely the organization of the Islamic State "Daash", that resulted so far to martyrdom of about 15 people and the bombing of one church and the kidnapping of over 100 of children, women and the elderly and brought them to an unknown destination, and the displacement of a large number of Aramaic families to the city of Al-Hasakah and suroundings .

 Despite the fact that this attack did not come as a surprise, the terrorist organization of the Islamic state plan have been known for a long time to the regime in Damascus but they choose to stand by while the army that should protect homes located near the area did not move a finger.

 The Bashar al-Assad regime, and before him his father Hafez, did not stop for a moment, he and his cronies, especially some of our people to drum and portray himself as a "minority Protector" and the last safe haven for Christians of the East. If attached to a human group or incident outside the scope of his interests zone, it does not care and do not bother to launch a "cartridge" one, even raising the lintel of the door!

This propaganda does not deceive us, but we were, and are still one of the first who were alerted to the danger of the regime in Damascus and the rest of the Iranian axis of evil on our Aramean people and its presence in the Orient. 

 It is also important to blame the free world and especially the United States and the European Union passive attitude acquiescence of the Syrian issue in general and the fate of the Christians of the Orient in particular. We demand the US administration and the European Union to prepare for a military ground operation in Syria, and to continue the pressure, and in particular on Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, to force it to dry up the sources of physical and moral support to brutal organizations of Daash, Nasra Front and others.

 The Aramean Democratic Organization as the most condemnation condemns all terrorist operations that affect human beings and their holy places, regardless of their ethnic or religious affiliations, advancing deepest condolences to the Assyrian Church and the families of the martyrs "massacre Khabur." We also appeal to the world's conscience and the international community, to immediately intervene to help families of abduction from the clutches of savage invaders and to stop the bloodshed and the dirty war. 

 Aramean Democratic Organization



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