ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

The war on Lebanon, the new chapter


ArDO Media Bureau

The work of the government pending the formation of new prospective, is only the face of a coup at the behest of the regime in Damascus and the implementation of the groups associated with it and some lebanese and regional parties. All this despite the fact that many of the directories was referring to the response of Mr. Saad Hariri, head of the caretaker government, with most of the points of agreement between what is termed a war criminal and Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri called "S - S" deal, Syrian Arab Republic and Saudi Arabia!

Perhaps the new government made of ministers from Hizballah and lackeys may be able to actually conduct of the core business and do the most basic duties towards the people and citizens of the country from economic stagnation and crises of electricity and water and fuel, not to mention the high cost of living obscenity and immigration young brains and energies.

 However, the risks and question marks, especially in light of the "call" the ruler of Damascus to Lebanon's army commander Kahwagi recently, and armed crowds elements from Hizballah deploying in various regions of Lebanon as if a military coup is only a matter of time, and especially the record of the Lebanese army in the defense of its people.

 The cause is not limited to the issue of the President of the new government, despite its importance, but the coup complete the current Lebanese regime, to subjugate Lebanon as a whole and linked to the final axis of evil Iranian and Bathists. Lebanon is the only remaining real fort in the east and the Christian can breathe freedom and dignity. And that the fall of the fortress, God forbid, does not mean the loss of Christian Orient only, but the loss of the entire civilized world - it is a victory for the darkness to the light and a victory for barbarism.

 The solution is to internationalize the lebanese dilema with all its various details and its ramifications, and bear the responsibilities to the free world, and invite the Security Council to intervene and put Lebanon in the emergency room to save it from the clutches of the gangs of terrorists and this by:

1. Work on the implementation of resolutions 1559 and 1701, particularly with regard to arms stripping of Hizballah and the rest of the Palestinian militias and other weapons outside the Lebanese authorities.

 2. Granting that the  international forces in southern Lebanon has all powers and strengths them against the arms of terrorist groups and deployment of international troops along the Syrian-Lebanese border to prevent the flow of arms and terrorists, and give it the full powers pursuant to chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations.

 3. Support the International Tribunal for Lebanon whatever the developments will be and the full protection required for the judges and prosecutors and to continue funding the court, even if the Lebanese government backed down from it.

 4. Failure of the March 14 forces, especially Christian ones, in conjunction with any government takes a Hizballh lackeys and puppets animated chair, or the likes of Najib Mikati, the so called president.

 The duties of us as Christians in the Diaspora are to intensify efforts and plan joint actions and agreements on a strategy that enables us to activate the Christian Aramaic presence, especially in the countries of the free world to save the last Christian Aramaic free fort in the East, if we loose, God forbid, the loss will be for all the Christians in the Orient!

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