ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

Congratulations Ashrafiyeh…

ArDO would like to congratulate the town of Ashrafiyeh and every Christian populated Beirut suburb that were under heavy attack yesterday, Tuesday the first of June.

Once again our youth showed us and the world that you may take away anything from them but you will never take away their freedom.

The free Middle Eastern Christian mind will continue to be free and express itself the way it finds it proper.

No old terrorists could stop it in the past and no new terrorists have been able to stop it now.

We call for Hezbollah party to stop its nonsense and see the whole picture.

The military guerrilla of Hezbollah is over and they better know it. There are many ways to disarm but the one fact clear here is that they will disarm.

We want also to thank the Gmayel family for producing such wonderful youth that can be role models in every 10 years.

A special thank for Sami and Nadim Gmayel for being with the Lebanese youth in their different problems.

Long live the spirit of Bachir ¨Bacho¨ Gmayel.

May our society in Lebanon be more united and standing up against all possible enemies.

Long live the free Aramaic Lebanese spirit.

By: Roni Harb for ArDO press office.

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