ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


Fayez Karam is loyal to Lebanon more than Hezbollah & we call for his release:
Hezbollah's government reduces convicted Fayez karam's jail-time because he is loyal to Syria & Iran not to Lebanon. A M8 MP openly said: ”reducing sentence to 2 years is a sign of innocence”!!!!
If Fayez Karam was not loyal to the Iranian Syrian camp, Hezbollah would call for his death sentence.
We call for the release of Fayez Karam and for the arrest of Hezbollah terrorists and all those who consider that: Loyalty to Iran & Syria should give you protection for whatever crime you committed against Lebanon Democratic Cedar Revolution.

On A Related Note:
We call for the unconditional general pardon against all the south Lebanese army "SLA" as soon as possible. Especially since, not those who had no other choice but the convicted is now sentenced for 2 years only. SLA already served years, suffered bias justice, many innocent were killed in prison, just because they followed LAF order and defended their towns. Therefore, a general pardon should come with compensations for SLA army & their families, to hold accountable those who used a bias justice against them in accordance to the Lebanese & international law for the act of national betrayal.

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