ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

ArDO want the Lebanese war prisoners in Syria back to their parents


 Have you ever met any mother or father or brother or sister to a person held in prison without any trial?

In Lebanon you can meet many of those people, hundreds and thousands.

 Many organizations including SOLIDE, SOLIDA and Amnesty International believe that there are hundreds of Lebanese guys in the Syrian jails, either dead or living under extremely bad conditions.

 ArDO demand that the Syrian authorities either free the prisoners or let international organizations inside their prisons to examine the case. Organizations such like the Red Cross, Amnesty International or the Human Rights Watch.

 There is nothing sadder that to see a tear in a mother’s eye or a father with eyes dry from all tears he has ever had.

 To the Syrian leaders we say: All people will die some day, do something good before your time comes. Free those boys so their parents can start to live again.

Don’t kill twice, one time when the boys get caught and one time when the poor parents drop dead because of sadness and depression because of your deeds.

 With the sad pen in my hand, Bar Lebnon


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