ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

Arms in Palestinian hands in Lebanon, until when?


 The Palestinians in Lebanon has been armed for many years, mostly tanks to the Syrian Arab support and cover.

The Lebanese has paid a high price for that kind of lawlessness inside Lebanon.

 Every now and then the Palestinians use that weapon to start fights between each others and sometimes against Lebanese civilians or military or police. 

 The Lebanese authorities have no access to their so called security islands or refugee camps.

The weapon they have is to often use to destabilize the Lebanese state that in this case is not allowed to have full control over its entire territory.

 Almost a year ago, the Lebanese government under Prime Minister Fouad Seniora agreed in the so called ¨dialogue table¨ on one thing that Hezballa and their allies didn’t oppose.

It was the disarmament of the Palestinians outside the refugee camps. Places like that are for example the training camp on the border between Lebanon and Syria and the training camp in N3ayme outside Damour in the South of the country.

 It is about time that all Lebanese and foreign organizations give up their weapon and let the Lebanese state to become stronger so it can take care of its citizens needs.

 We in ArDO see that the shortest and best solution for Lebanon is the full implementation of UNSCR 1559.

 Let’s have a Lebanon free from any arms outside the hand of the law.

By: ArDO in Sweden

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