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R.I.P.  Manuel Esen


One of our Aramean brothers, Manuel Esen, 21 years old from Germany, passed away in a car accident on 25th October 2009.

All the members of the Aramean Democratic Organization give our condolences to his family and friends. We had only the chance to meet him once while he was on a visit to Sweden to watch the Aramean soccer team Syrianska FCs game in the end of September this year. We met him in Scandic Hotel in Södertälje (Sweden).

We remembered that day as if it was yesterday when we sat down together with many Arameans in the hotel lobby, including our brother Manuel Esen.

We noticed that he was a proud Aramean who wanted to learn more about our Aramean history, and who the Arameans are, its denominations, about the Aramaic language and its different dialects and about the Aramean Democratic organization  and about its goals in the future. We were  even looking forward to meet him again on our coming visit to Germany, but unfortanatly the Lord Our God took him away from us.

Aloho mhaselokh ahuno Oromoyo rhimo, Aloho mashwelokh I malkutho Shmayonitho.


by: The Aramean Democratic Organisation

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