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War of summer 2006: Israel got investigated but when is Hizballa´s turn?

By: Roni Harb in ArDO Sweden


 During the summer of 2006 the Lebanese and Israeli villages saw an unexpected war. It was the Hizballa organization in Lebanon that attacked an Israeli army division, killing and capturing soldiers. Israel responded in a full-scale war inside Lebanon in an effort to stop that organization from continuing threatening the Jewish state.

 One of the results after the 34 days long war was that Hizballa got minimized in south Lebanon, south of the Litani river for the favour of the Lebanese army that could finally go there and take responsibility for peoples safety in the region.

Democratic as it is, Israel created an investigating group that studied the whole war and in the recent days came up with a report. The report gives the Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Defence minister Peretz and General Haluts the greatest responsibility for some of the mistakes and failures that were made. The report also stressed that the Israeli army was badly prepared for a war on its northern border.

The question now is, when will we see anyone daring to investigate the act of Hizballa in this war and how much damage they have caused the Lebanese society. The Lebanese people deserve the same chances as the Israelis.

We, the Aramaic democratic organization in Sweden urges the Hizballa leader Hassan Nasrallah to resign from his position in the party and gives way for new leaders that might want to avoid wars on Lebanon and work for real peace in the region.

The lies of Hizballa has become more and more clear to everybody when they have been propagating for long time that the Israeli state was ready for war against Lebanon and it was just a question about time before they would have entered Lebanon. The Israeli report that got embraced from Hizballa claimed very straight that the Israeli army was badly prepared for war on its northern border.

Another Arab conspiracy theory is being unfolded


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