ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

ArDO condemns activities done by terrorist organizations inside Lebanon.

The latest events on the border between Lebanon and Syria and the border between Lebanon and Israel are very bad for Lebanon’s future and the life of the ordinary Lebanese citizen.

ArDO sees no gain for Lebanon in those acts but strongly believe that they are against International law and Human rights.

We in ArDO Sweden calls on the Lebanese government to get faster in implementing the UN resolution 1559 that will make it easier to deal with such terrorists.

The terrorists that made this last week a dangerous week for the Lebanese people are:

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Ahmad Gibril movement or the PFLP-SG, Abou Mousa movement, Abou Nidal group.

From the Lebanese terrorist groups we point out the Hezbollah party, the Amal party with Parliament speaker Nabih Berry in top and the Lebanese president Emile Lahoud that support all those activities to occur in his country.

From the Arab Syrian terrorist groups we point out the Assad regime that is supporting all those groups allowing them to operate and telling them when to strike and how to strike.

Long live the free word among our people and hopefully among the Arab people.

By: Press office at ArDO-Sweden

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