ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

2010 12 09


Augin Kurt makes a brave attempt to defend the hidden agenda in the management of Mor Gabriel monastery. The self-proclaimed defender of St. Gabriel would like to assert that the Aramaic Democratic Organisation (Ardo) has embezzled money while the monastery's representative is completely innocent. There seems to be a little truth in what we say, because Kurt with his journalistic background takes care of the issue.

Our response should not be construed as a defense but rather as a clarification!

First of all we have in our article called  for account in terms of all grants in the form of handouts, project grants, church contributions, the EU contribution, UNESCO, the World Council of Churches and other grants. But unfortunately there is no official financial reports/clothing of accounts, but the leadership of the monastery manage the money after own discretion.

 Second, we agree with you that everything is about money and power or, rather, that power corrupts when there is money in the game. In Mor Gabriel's management case, there is huge amount of money that is not shown. This is the main reason why the Aramean movement is boycotting alms/sponsorship to the monastery. Like a high-ranking representatives of the "assyrian" group who was accused of embezzling one million without having exonerated himself, we demand the monastery's representative to clear themselves . We do not really understand why YOU are now after more than a year to whitewash the reputation of Mar Gabriel's leadership!

Thirdly, in terms of project funds received from various quarters, we do not disclose our sources, but we can certainly say that there was a high-ranking representative of the "assyrian" movement in different contexts has emphatically asserted that he has drawn in significant sums to the monastery in the form of project funding. He has dropped out of the movement, since he came to the knowledeg of that money ended up in the wrong hands, thus proving our theory that the "assyrian thing" is all about the hunt for more money and power.

Last but not least, we want to make just one clarification on your statement regarding the movie "The hidden pearl" , namely that we do not have anything to do with its creation and therefore we do not feel being concerned to your accusations, but it may stand for you, and the movies representatives to answer you!

Aramean Democratic Organsiation

Political Bureau

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