ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

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It is not surprisingly for the regime of Bashar al-Assad to work on the strife between the Syrians and not that "diverting attention from being a revolution of the people against the tyrant to an assault on the Syrian citizens to religious or ethnic reasons," as coalition came in the coalition statement. Such a configuration is at the core of all dictatorial regimes, and without it they can't survive, wherever they spread their powers and however they changed and whatever masks that cover themselves up, whether ideological or national or religious. The system of Asad's family starting with Hafeth and ending with of Bashar is not abnormal condition.

But this does not negate the fact of turning the line of revolution from its national line collecting various spectra of the Syrian homeland to barbarian invasion of  racist Islamic organizations where most of its elements are hatred criminal mercenaries coming from different corners of the earth, supported by Turkey which opened its borders to settle scores with the Kurdish forces, funded by Gulf countries, in the forefront of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, being the sponsors and protectors and "inspiration" of Islamic extremism in the world, what we have referred to in our previous statements. Perhaps these two countries funding "National Coalition" itself is what made its president, Mr. Ahmed Al-Khatib and his deputy, Mr. George Sabra to appeal to the U.S. administration to put the"victory front" in the list of terrorism.

It is really sad that the Coalition seems like trying to ''cover'' the topic and continue burying their head in the soil, which caused losing its credibility and consideration. The crimes of terrorist organizations are documented, and the evidences and proofs on its brutality are sharp such as pictures and YouTube movies and witnesses who by the divine care got the miracle of salvation from the clutches of its fighters, what is countless. It was the first to this venture to take a courageous stand, at least denounce and condemn these ashamed acts, and the serious work for "Brotherhood" in Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and that from its borders also sneak section of these criminals, to close them in their faces having mercy for Syria and the Syrians.

The Aramean Democratic Organization called since it was founded to spread democracy everywhere, especially in the Middle East. Such were we, still and will remain, one of the most anti Fashist Ba'ath regime in Damascus and its allies in Tehran's mullahs regime and Hezbullah in Lebanon and the idea of welayat-al faqih. On the same line, we will continue to expose the crimes and acts of the Islamic organizations and other extremist Islamic regimes. It is for freedom, freedom of thought and mind and the human, there is no room for a "Bazaar" or truce or surrender!

Statement from the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces to Syrian people

23 January 2013

The regime continues to seek opportunities to delegitimize the revolution and create a rift among Syrians. The regime will try to distract from its murderous onslaught by attempting to demonize the Syrian Revolution and creating divisions amongst the diverse religious and ethnic groups. However, Syrians have insisted on national unity, thwarting the regimes efforts and rejecting any rift or divisions.

We are saddened by the events that have transpired in the city of Ras Al-Ain ,and we have been working tirelessly to suppress and avoid conflicts there. We remind everyone that, whoever collaborates with the regime and helps to murder our people, will be held accountable for all his/her actions. Our moral, social and religious principles reject these actions.

The coalition has formed a committee to communicate with all leaders and revolutionary forces in the area to avoid further conflict and putting a stop to the regime's effort to cause a rift. This committee will work to create guidelines to avoid any possible future conflicts in the region, and achieve peaceful co-existence for all the ethnic and religious groups in the region based on the framework of brotherhood, citizenship, and shared history.

We urge the Syrian people to unite and overcome conflicts and divisions. It’s important to remember that this murderous regime did not hesitate to bomb the University of Aleppo, the bakeries of Halfaya, and the gas station of Maliha. This regime has never hesitated at murdering innocent women and children in Daraa, rural areas of Damascus, Latakia, Homs, and throughout Syria without any discrimination, please know that it will not hesitate to spend all its energy to create a rift amongst the Syrian people.

We ask God to grant peace to all those Syrians who died. We ask all our brothers on the ground to bare the full responsibility, a task they have proven in the past that they are up to fulfilling.

Long live Syria and Syrian people Free and Proud

Media Office
National Coalition

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