ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

ArDO and WCCR call for the Lebanese detainees in Syria to be released immediately

 By: ArDO and WCCR human rights offices


ArDO and WCCR calls on the Lebanese authorities to act fast for the release of all the Lebanese detainees in Syrian prisons, such as the peaceful musical father Albert Sherfen and the political leader Botros Khawand.

Aboun Sherfen was taken from his monastery on October the 13th 1990 by the Arab Syrian Army and taken to Syria a few days later. Mr. Khawand was taken from his home in 1992.

 We call on the Seniora government to lift this issue and the rest of the Lebanese detainees in Syrian jails to the United Nations.

 We also call on President Lahoud to use his good relation with the Syrian authority to end this bad situation those Lebanese are living every day and night.

 We call also on President Bachar Assad and his government to look into their hearts and think wise and have mercy on those innocent people. Their mothers and fathers are suffering.

 WCCR and ArDO call on the official Red Cross and the Red Crescent and the Red David Star and the Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch to visit the Syrian prisons and check on the health of those Lebanese prisoners that their only crime was that they loved their country all too much and wanted to defend the people from all kind of injustice.

 May we come to the light in this very painful issue.

Lebanon will never solve its problems before the problem of those poor people is solved.

The real conciliation in Lebanon is not completed until those mothers and fathers say so.

 The Cedars revolution will continue until we achieve a fair result for all our people.

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