ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

Aramaic Democratic Organization representative in Washington to support

 the UN resolution 1559- the first day

By: Roni Harb


 By: Roni Harb

  On the first of November Aramaic Democratic Organization Representative Roni Harb attended a meeting in Washington organized by the International committee for UN resolution 1559.

 The meeting was at the Madisson hotel and it focused on the points of the resolution that Lebanon and Syria hasn’t implemented yet.

 The EU parliament member Mr. Kasaka talked about the bad influence that an organization like Hezbollah can have on the peace process in the Middle East.

He promised to also take this issue back with him to Brussels and keep working with the committee for this cause.

 Among other speakers was Professor Walid Phares who described the situation in the Middle East with focusing on the Lebanon cause and on how Lebanon could get its real liberation soon.

Aramean Democratic Organization s presence was very appreciated and Roni got to explain the situation in Sweden and how the Committee in Sweden could be more effective with the help of Aramaic Democratic Organization and other organizations.

 Later in the evening Aramean Democratic Organization got a scarf of honor from the WLCU for its longtime support to the Lebanese cause.

Aramean Democratic Organization representative in Washington to support the UN resolution 1559- the second day

Ardo: s man outside the American congress

On Wednesday the second of November Aramean Democratic Organization  Representative Mr. Roni Harb attended the conference held by the International committee for UN resolution 1559 in US congress building.

The conference was attended by 12 US congressman, EU parliament members, Lebanese parliament member, Middle East experts, World Lebanese Cultural Union, World Maronite Union and the Aramean democratic Organization.

After John Hajjar opened the conference the secretary general for WMU Mr. Tom Harb, said a word thanking all the attended and thanking the USA government for helping Lebanon. Then Professor Walid Phares spoke about the resolution 1559 and the importance of implementing it.

Mr. Hajjar introduced then the Lebanese parliament member, Mr. Abdalla Hanna to speak abut the situation inside the Lebanese parliament and EU parliament member Mr. Kasaka spoke about EU:s role in the Middle East and for spreading the democracy there.

Then some US congressman talked about the importance of following up this resolution because of the good effects we have seen since the first half of it was implemented when the Syrian military withdrew from Lebanon. Among those congressmen was one of Lebanese descendent, Mr. Darrell Issa and he spoke like he knew Lebanon very well.

the conference was very good and all the attended were sharing ides and thoughts and concerns and promising to keep on the good work to finally reach the goal of liberating Lebanon from all foreign weapon and putting the Lebanese on the right track for building up the country on a solid base.

Aramaic Democratic Organization representative in Washington to support the UN resolution 1559- the third day

In the evening before the conference, Roni and ArDO: s freinds got a chance to talk about the 1559 and its implementing.


Prof.Walid Phares in his speach in the conference.

 Aramean democratic Organization representative was invited along with the committee for UN resolution 1559 on the third of November to the state departement in Washington. The group got to meet the responsible people for Lebanon, such as Miss Sara Beran and the head of the Levant office Mr. James McVerry. It was a step in the tour Aramean Democratic Organization:s representative is making in Washington to lobby for a better future for Lebanon. A Lebanon free from any foreign Army or uncontrolled weapon. A Lebanon that is the home for its citizens and a safe place for the Christian Middle Eastern minorities.

Later that day Aramean Democratic Organization could have some side meetings with WLCU, WMU and the International committee for UN resolution 1559. Aramean Democratic Organization is sharing the same visions like the mentioned organizations about the future of Lebanon and the Middle East.

We all believe in the plural reality in the region and that every country should respect all citizens and give them the freedom they have right to.

Aramean Democratic Organization representative in Washington to support the UN resolution 1559- the fourth day

Ardo together with WLCU, WMU and the committee for 1559 at Madisson hotel.

The tour in Washington continues for Roni Harb of the Aramean Democratic Organization and on his fourth day he got to talk about the importance of implementing the UN resolution 1559 to al Mashriqiya radiostation. Roni also said that the entire Middle East needs such resolutions from the United Nations. The Lebanese are happy that the UN and the free World Community had finally started to look back on Lebanon when they voted for this resolution.

Aramaic Democratic Organization thanks the WLCU for its major work to get this resolution finally adopted by the UN.

 Aramean Democratic Organization together with other organizations support this resolution and wish that other parts of the Middle East will have the same chance to regain a civil life on their soil.

After the interview Roni had the chance to visit the TV station “al Hurra” that is based in the Washington area. Together with the other organizations Aramean Democratic Organizatio got the chance to tour inside the station and get to know the staff and managers a little bit more.


An internal meeting for the WLCU attended by ARDO.


US congress man Darrel Issa speak about the importance to stick with the 1559 for the liberation of Lebanon.


Ardo: s man in Lebanon, Mr. Toni Nissi together with his charming wife Hayat in the conference.

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