ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

Statement of ArDO after the latest positive step from the Syrian regime


Statement of the week:


The Aramean  Democratic Organization in Sweden welcomes the new initiatives taken by the Syrian regime to establish diplomatic relations with Lebanon and open an embassy so that the relation between the countries starts to be between 2 sovereign states.

However, ArDO still believe that the Syrian regime have many steps to go before the relation to Lebanon will be good.

-          There are still 80 places on the Bekaa border where the Syrians are still inside the Lebanese territories.

-          There are still over 600 Lebanese in the Syrian jails.

-          The Syrian regime should stop its support to the different terrorist groups in Lebanon, including Fatah al Islam, Abou Mousa org, Abou Nidal org. and the Ahmad Gibril organisation.

When all these points are solved we will be happy to have the best relation with Syria so that our people would be able to complete each others and work together for a better future.

The Aramean  Democratic Organization in Sweden

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