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Destroying Syria… How long?

تدمير سوريا.. إلى متى؟


The military battles between factions of the Free Syrian Army and the Baath Brigades of the Syrian regime is increasing in violent and brutality. The revolution that began in the form of peaceful demonstrations calling for reform and freedom and to stop the wasting and systematic looting of the country’s resources. It soon resulted in the creation of militarizing barbaric repressive crimes against peaceful demonstrators, by snipers, Syrian army militias, Iranian revolutionary guard and Hezbollah, throughout the first six months of the peaceful revolution.
Today and more than one year after the launch of the Free Syrian Army its operations to overthrow the regime and control of the different brigades of between 60 - 70% of the Syrian territory. We are talking about multiple scenarios for the new Syria but we're not going to discuss all possibilities at this time. We would still like to draw attention to a very dangerous issue.

It is that the militarization of the Syrian movement is not only because of the failure of the international community and the inability to stop the killing machine against unarmed demonstrators. The danger lies in the "Islamization" of the revolution represented, but not limited to, with banners "Farouk" and "descendants of the Prophet" and "Khalid Bin Waleed" and "the Islamic Consultative Assembly" and "Front victory" and espousing a policy hateful to sectarianism. As it is quite certain that the terrorist elements belonging to various Islamic organizations saturated exclusionary teleological thought, and in the forefront of al-Qaeda, and convoys of mercenaries "jihadists" of different nationalities, has exceeded to some Revolution Brigades and carried out the killing of an organization sparked panic, terror and the displacement of many civilians, especially of the Aramean Christians.

The radical Islamic discourse and the penetration of mercenaries and the Salafist forces and "jihad" does not serve the cause, but on the contrary, it cause several damage and makes secular forces, women and minorities pushed away, even if they were one of the most anti tyrant ruler in Damascus. Bashar al-Assad has made Syria a puppet in the hands of Iran's mullahs that they use in the Khomeinite nuclear project. For the sake of destroying Syria with such madness and pulling the citizens of their homes and shed blood and lost innocent souls offerings on altars to sectarian and regional conflicts.

The situation in Syria are going from bad to worse, and the least that can be said to be horribly disastrous result approach senseless destructive which was followed by the Baath regime in Damascus with its mobility since its inception and until now leaving the countries of the free world, especially The United States of America and the European Union arena open to sponsors of Islamic extremism dictate their own terms and impose their rhetoric, not to mention the negative positions of Russia and China in the Security Council of the UN.

The Aramean Democratic Organization stood since its inception against dictatorships and totalitarian regimes of oppression, and support by word and deed revolutionary people aspiring to freedom. We were the pioneers in supporting movements of the so-called "Arab Spring", and launched a civil citizenship based on secular principles, vision and understanding of the entity and the state first. However, the developments of the situation, especially in Egypt and Tunisia, does not look good but raises pessimism and anxiety, where Islamic forces extremist confiscated the revolution and seized the reins of power there in relentless "cleanse" the country of all forms of secularism and the rest of the laws and regulations of the Justice, Equality and civilization.

The religious dictatorship, and especially Islamic ones, has been mostly having heinous and horrible impact on people’s lives, their kind is more difficult than other types of dictatorships; they justify its existence with "sacred texts" simulation and address the instincts and partisanship. The solution in Syria lies on the free world to lead a military intervention to end the rule of the Baath without returning to the Security Council, in order to avoid a veto from the Russian and Chinese, and stationing NATO forces in Syria and reconstruction and rehabilitation of state-building pluralism secular civil democracy as the Allies did in Germany and Japan after World War II, before things develops in the hands of the radical Islamic fundamentalist forces, a staggering blow for the revolution and a betrayal of the blood of martyrs, heroes and all the freedom fighters who stood against the tyrant Assad since the first day.

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