ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East


Svenska Historia och Kultur


Evidences of our Aramean origin


The Aramaic Language its distributions and subdivisions  

Klaus Beyer

Ancient Aramean artifacts in the Louvre Museum in Paris


Great empires were conquered by the Aramaic language

Franz Rosenthal

 Is There a Connection Between the Amorites and the Arameans?

Daniel Bodi

The savagery of Ashurnasirpal II against our Aramean people of Kashiari (Tur Abdin)


Saving Aramaic, the Language Jesus Spoke

Robin Ngo

Hanna (John) Hajjar's Top 10 List of Historical Lies.

Dr Sebastian Brock misquoted - The Hidden Pearl

Michael The Syrian and his Aramean Ancestors - Part I

H.W. F Saggs - The Might that was Assyria

Robert Rollinger - Where the name Syrian came from

Esah Bisseh

A new book by Arman Akopian


Lord's Prayer: Pope Francis calls for change


  The Aramean people have lived at their traditional area in the Middle East “Aramea”


The Tel Dan Stela and the Kings of Aram and Israel

by Bryant G. Wood PhD

Interview with Denho Ghattas Makdisi Elias

Interviewer: Joseph Zakay


Some observations about the Syriac Story of Mar Behnam & his sister Sarah

Professor Assad Sauma Assad


Hebrews, Arameans and Israelites

 Dennis R Bratcher


Abraham,what kind of an ancestor is he ?


The Tel Dan Stela and the Kings of Aram and Israel

Bryant G. Wood PhD


The deep rooted demonic hatred against the Aramean indigenous nation



Zobah, Beqaa, LEBANON

Biblical Geographic


The Arameans in Ancient Syria

edited by Herbert Niehr


The Syrian Church of Antioch Its Name  History

Mor Ignatius Afrem I Barsoum


Specialist in Aramean history

David Dag


Was Israel located in the historic Hejaz?

Henri Bedros Kifa


The Aramaic Inscription of Zakar, King of Hamath


Iraqi Aramean leader mourns on languishing away of Aramean presence…



Libanon: seeking an escape from eternal confrontation

Justin Salhani


Jesus’s language resurrected

By: Diaa Haddid


Symbol in Syriac may be world's first question mark

By Alice Baghdjian


The Doctrine of Aram (Syria)


Shalmaneser III and the Levantine States: The “Damascus Coalition”

 By: Albert Kirk Grayson


Queen Silvia of Sweden recieves an Aramaic Bible


The Main Aramean Kingdoms and Their Kings


The Aramean Saint Maroun, the son of the Syriac Church was erected as statue in the state of Vatican.


History of the name “SYRIA”

By: George Beth Ketto


Interview with Denho Ghattas Makdisi Elias

Interviewer: Joseph Zakay


Syria: 3000-Year-Old Archaeological Lion Statue Bears Witness to Human Civilization

By H. Sabbagh


Jesus and Aramaic in the Gospels

by Mark D. Roberts


 Eastern Christianity On The Eve Of Islam

Dr. George Khour


The Struggle for Allegiance on the Aramean Frontier

by Sidney Griffith


Abraham, Father of the Middle East

by N E Dangoor


A study in the Aramaic Language of Jesus

Prepared by Gabriel M. Sawma


Clarification on "Arameans and Aramaic in Assyria on the eve of it’s fall"

By: Henri Kifa


The Babylonians And Chaldaeans

W.G. Lambert


The origins of the Arameans in Syria and northern mesopotamia Reasearch problems and potential strategies

Glenn M. Schwartz


Aramaic as the Official Language of the Achaemenid Empire (c. 550.330 BC)

By: Sebastian Brock and David G.K. Taylor


  Why the Aramaic script was called "Assyrian" in Hebrew, Greek and Demotic

Richard C. Steiner


Aramean Maronite Christian homes

Shadi Khalloul


Panamu II, Assyrian Vassal

Commentary by Jeffrey Rose


The Aramean Kingdoms of Sam'al

Commentary by Jeffrey Rose


Panamu I and the Hadad Statue

Commentary by Jeffrey Rose


Kilamuwa and the kings of Sam'al

Commentary by Jeffrey Rose


Bar Rakkib and the end of Samal

Commentary by Jeffrey Rose


The Aramean Maronite scholars through time: Simeon Assimani

By: ArDO Research Group


The Aramean Maronite scholars through time: Stephanus Evodius

 By: ArDO Research Group


ArDO congratulates the Aramean Center in Gush Israel


Disputing with Islam in Syriac: The Case of the Monk of Bêt Hãlê and a Muslim Emir


Arameans search for roots and rights in Mardin

Todays Zaman


Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly is asking Al-Brazani to include the Chaldean ethnicity name, as own national ....

Yours truly, Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly











Aramaic, Syriac or Assyrian?

By: Henry Bedros Kipha


The roots of the Maronites

 by;  Cedric Ashkar


Saint Ephrem in  the  Christian Iconography

Abdo Badwi Stokholm 2006


Academic on the history of the Arameans

Johny Messo


The fictional Assyrian “book of Arkah”

By Sait B.K. Danho / Translated by Johny Messo


Note on the Modern "Assyrians"

K.L. Ross


Gibran’s ancestry was Lebanese, Christian and Maronite (Aramaic-Syriac).

Tom Harb,& John Hajjar


Israel's  "Aramaean" Origins (The Iron IA Archaeological Evidence For)

 Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld


The Modern Assyrians of The Middle Eastencounters with western Christian missions archeologists & colonial powers

John Joseph


The Syriacs


Sabri Atman: A man of standards and values or... an manipulator and abuser of the Aramean Physical Genocide to promote ,,,,



Saint Ephrem in  the  Christian Iconography

Abdo Badwi /Stokholm 2006


The Oultines of the Syrisc I dentity of Lebanon

 By Dr. André kahale


The Speach of Cardinal Nassralla Sfeir in London ( Old but interesting )


Maronites in the devided Cyprus

By Ayla Jean Yackley



By: Malfono Amine Jules Alexander


A Christmas Prayer

by Robert Louis Stevenson


Arameans of Aram-Naharaim Foundation Flourishing at the United Nations


Aramaic - the language of Jesus

by Mrs Carina Hägg and others


Arameans of Aram-Naharaim Foundation Flourishing at the United Nations

By Mr. Gabriel Sengo



By: professor Hans Hollerweger


TUR ‘ABDIN – a Homeland of Ancient Syro-Aramaean Culture

By: Professor Sebastian Brock


Scholars: Oldest evidence of Jesus?

By Jeordan Legon



The Words of Jesus

By Venessa Santos-Garza Caller-Times



Time to End the Fear

by Chuck Todaro



Who are the Chaldeans?

By: Mar Sarhad Jammo, Ph.D.


Aramean Identity

By: Theodora Akkurt


Clarification on "Arameans and Aramaic in Assyria on the eve of it’s fall"

By: Henri Kifa


Saint Ephrem in  the  Christian Iconography

Abdo Badwi Stokholm 2006


First stamp issued with Syriac writings in United States

Abdo Badwi


Time to End the Fear

by Chuck Todaro



ARAM-Prize of 2004


to Malfono George Rezkalla in Maalula



Galilee Music Festival

Aramaic Maronite church in Gush-Halav, Israel


The Muslim-Christian co-existence in the Lebanon

Aramean (Suryoyo) Identity

Marta Wozniak


The Aram prize of the Aramaic lnguage ...

The Association of the Academic Arameans.


Why the Arameans?

By: K. Lawson Younger, Jr.


Aram And The Hebrew Forefathers

Aramean Pre-History And Proto--History

Edward (Edouard) Lipiński 


The Origin of the term "Syria(n) & Suryoyo once again

Johny Messo


The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran

by: Christoph Luxenberg


The Rise Of The Aramean States

William M. Schniedewind


Conflict, Territory and Culture: The case of Haradu, A Fortress on the Iraqi Middle Euphrates (11th-7th century BC)

Christine Kepinski


U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee   Calls upon Turkey to Return Christian Properties

By: Daniel Gabriel

The Origins of the Arameans

By: Armondo Gonzales


Assyrian empire building and Aramization of culutre as seen from Tell Ahmar­/Til Barsib

By: Guy Bunnens


Assyrians and Arameans in the Upper Euphrates Valley viewed from the cemetery of Tell Shiukh Fawqani (Syria)

By: Aline Tenu


The Dead Sea Scrolls of St Marks Monastery Volume 1


A bird's eye view of the Syriac language and literature

by Edip Aydın

Tur Abdin - a Homeland of Ancient Syro-Aramaean Culture

by Prof. Sebastian Brock


The White Syrians Of Aramaean Cappadocia

By Robertino Solàrion


The relevance of the Aramaic heritage

by Prof. Sebastian Brock


The proverbs of the Aramean Ahikar (700 B.C.)


The Osrhoene Kingdom and The Roman Period



Note on the Modern Assyrians


Mor Ephrem is an inspiration of our time

by Dr. André Kahalé


Israel's  "Aramaean" Origins

Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld


Is there an Assyrian cause in Iraqi Kurdistan?

By Diayako Xarib


A bird's eye view of the Syriac language and literature

by Edip Aydın


Interaction of Arameans and Assyrians on the Lower Khabur

By: Harmut Kuhne


Bit Zamani and Assyria

By: Jeffrey  Szuchman


The early spread of christianity in Central Asia and the Far East

By: Alphonse Mingana


Prelude to Empire Middle Assyrian Hanigalbat and the Rise of the Aramaeans

By: Jeffrey Justin Szuchman


Christians and Moslems in Iraq: Nestorian Attitudes Toward Islam

By Benedicte Landron

The Ottoman genocide against Aramaic speaking Christians

Dr. Tessa Hofmann


Edessa and the Shjroud of Turin

by Ian Wilson


Chronicel of Edessa

Vatican Syriac Manuscripts


The Bible and the Assyrians It Kept their Memory Alive

John Joseph, Ph.D.


Medieval Syriac Historians’ Perceptions of the Turks

by Mark Dickens


Necessity and free will in the thought of Bardaisan of Edessa

By: Tim Hegedus


Assyrians or Arameans?

By: Jean Maurice Fiey


The Ancient Name Of Edessa

Amir Harrak


AnIntroductino to Syriac Studdies

Sebastian Brock


Appeal to our (spiritual and cultural) leadership

Johny Messo


Antioch and Syriac Christiantity

By: Michel Najim

Abraham, what kind of an ancestor is he ?

By: Albert de Pury


Israelite And Aramean History In The Light Of inscriptions

A.R. Millard








An Introduction to Syriac Studies

Dr Sabastian Brack


Aram & Israel

Emil G. H. Kraeling


"Assyrians" or Arameans?

Jean Maurice Fiey


Assyria & Syria : synonyms?

John Joseph


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