ArDO: Yes we want Lebanon to be the Switzerland of the East and Beirut the Paris of the East

(There is no life for a nation without language)


Is a national political organisation


Unification of the Aramean  people, with all its societies.

To establish the independent democratic Aramean  state on the eternal historic land of Aram, with Lebanon as a point of departure.


  1. To build an opinion, on national as well as on international level, for the Aramean cause.

  2.  To work for recapture the stolen geographical, historical and cultural rights of the Aramean people.

  3. Through political and mass media efforts, work for the foundation of an Aramean land in the historical Aram-area.

  4.  To work for preservation of the Aramean linguistic, literary and cultural heritage from the systematic and governamental organized “Arabization,- Turkmanisation,- and Islamisation.”

  5. To counteract the assimilation in the Diaspora as well as in the homeland, and constantly work for the union of the Aramaic people with the national cause, namely the future land of the Arameans, with the starting point from Lebanon.


  1. The Arameans as people, possess a nations all capacities such as a language, as well cultural and ethnical identity. But it’s an oppressed people, whose original land is devided between occupational forces.

  2. Citizens of the Aramean nation are individuals belonging to the following communities:

  • Syriac Orthodox

  • Syriac Catholic

  • Syriac maronite

  • East Syriacs ( Nastorian & Chaldean )

  • Latin (in the Middle East)

  • Syriac Protestant

  • Melkit Greek-Orthodox (in the Middle East)

  • Melkit Greek-Catholic (in the Middle East)

  • Mandean

  • Gabaadins, Bakhaas and Maalulas (Damascus)  arameans

  1. The Aramaic language, the spoken language of Jesus Christ, is the official language of the Aramean nation and its future land

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