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Tony Nissi     

ArDO party to celebrate 20 years of struggling


  ArDO Sweden got to celebrate its 20 years of giving in the struggle for the Aramaic people.

 The party held for this occasion was in Stockholm and most Lebanese and Middle Eastern Aramaic organizations were presence.

 Among the attendance were: The Syriac Universal Alliance, Aramaic ِAcademic organization, Syriac Aramaic Academic Organization, The Lebanese Forces, Ahrar, The Lebanese Association, The Aramaic Syriac Association in Norsborg, Lebanese Buissnes Organization, The Christians of the Orient , The Maronite Mission, The Syriac, Catolic Church, Platform Aram of Holland, Telelumiere´s Friends and many more.

 We had the honour to have Suryoyo Sat present and recording the whole event to broadcast it on their satellite television.

 Some of our friends from the Swedish parliament were also with us celebrating this great time. Among them were Nils Oscar Nilsson from the Moderate Party and Fredrik Malm and his charming wife Gulan from the Liberal party. Aram alKhory from the Christian Democratic Party

 ArDO thanks all its members, all friends, all supporters, all activists and all allies for making the Aramaic Democratic Organization becoming a great organization in the political scene of the Middle East.

  Expect more and more from us in the future and feel free to contact us at any time, we will continue the work until our people is liberated and have gained all its rights.

By: ArDO media office

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