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      Aramean democratic Organization in Lebanon







Tony Nissi     

The establishing statement of the Aramaic democratic Organization in Lebanon

Lebanon has through history until modern time experienced many invasions and wars and the country has been the witness of many attempts to eliminate it geographically and change its civilization. Those attempts did never stop and are continuing in our days when the different attempts are made to wipe out the true identity of its native people, the Syriac Aramaic people witch we are proud to belong to.

Now to the Syriac Aramaic name, the identity of our people. That name was absence to most of our Christian Lebanese resistance movements through the years and as we see it this contributed to our decline and cheap giveaways that we always had to do when the different solutions came on our expense. Our decline started by losing our language until the demands on the people to give up anything that connects them to their identity and adopts another identity that doesn’t belong to their roots.

In this sensitive time of Christian politicians that claim their representation of our people just to be able to give away our Syriac Aramaic identity for cheap personal, economical or political benefits. All those efforts are made to replace our identity to another foreign one, particularly the Arabic identity. In the same time as we deny any foreign identity forced on us we do respect the other half of the Lebanese society if they want to belong to their historical identity, that people are the Lebanese Muslims and the identity is mainly the Arabic one.

We have decided to establish the Aramaic Democratic Organization in Lebanon as a part of the international Aramaic movements through out the world. We will also be a part of the linguistic, political, social and ideological Christian Middle Eastern resistance of our Syriac Aramaic people.

Our goals are as follows:

First: By publishing and teaching the Aramaic Syriac language, our language of heritage and the language we are proud our lord Jesus spoke, we will work to make this language as official as the Arabic language in Lebanon.

Second: The preparation for a
research and study centre for the collection and a consolidation and spreading of our entire Aramaic Syriac heritage.

Third: The establishment of an integrated media institution to reach the point where we can publish periodic leaflets, newspaper, radio and a TV station to help spreading our Aramaic Syriac heritage.

Fourth: Organizing the social work and the development for the improvement of our citizens status in Lebanon reaching the removal of the poverty condition, the ignorance and the submission because of the insufficiency of the knowledge so that they could  resist the traditional leader who want to make deals on the behalf of the peoples identity.

Fifth: The work for the restoration of all our political, economic and social rights in Lebanon. The rights that we lost by force with different painful hits through the years, starting in the massacres of 1305 passing in the republic of the 1943 until today’s republic of Taif

Last but not least we promise our Aramaic Syriac eastern Christian people that we will follow our grandfathers and grandmothers footsteps and remain steady in the historical struggle of our people. In the struggle we are calling the entire Middle Eastern Aramaic Syriac Diaspora in the world to support us so that we could reach our goals in Lebanon witch will lead the way for the liberation of our people in the rest of the Middle East.

The constitutional committee,

The Secretary-General.                                                    The president
Henry Dawoud                                                                Tony Nissi     

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