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Tony Nissi     

No compromise with terrorists


Special to World Defense Review


BEIRUT — A campaign – targeting the international support for Lebanon, especially Security Council Resolution 1559 (UNSCR 1559), and the Cedar Revolution's achievements and its sacrifices – has begun in earnest here in Lebanon.

It has been a while since the mercenaries and supporters of the Iranian revolution, have been declaring that the Lebanese presidential election will not occur until after the cancellation of UNSCR 1559. They are talking in their circles about a settlement, which was reached and agreed upon by all parties in Lebanon. According to them, this settlement included: an executive release from the new government "to be formed" rejecting UNSCR 1559, and a formal adoption of Hizbollah's weapons aresenal. They are even preaching that soon there will be condolences presented for the passing away of UNSCR 1559.


  1. 1- We assure Mr Hussein al Hajj Hassan, Mr Mohammad Raad, Mr Naim Kassem and many others that their opinion regarding UNSCR 1559 was never requested; After all, criminals are not asked their opinions of court judgment, instead their time is better spent in repentance or remorse and in paying the price of their deeds in peace so that they don't stack further judgments.


  2. 2- We remind House Speaker Mr Berri that UNSCR 1559 is an INTERNATIONAL RESOLUTION issued by the SECURITY COUNCIL for the sake of Lebanon and its people. Hence, no matter how highly placed one is, one cannot cancel such a resolution or halt its execution. Moreover, condolences sessions cannot be held against such resolutions.


  3. 3- We reinforce the fact that UNSCR 1559 was given light thanks to the efforts of expatriate Lebanese and for the sake of the Lebanese people. It is an obligation of the United Nations to intervene anytime to implement this resolution if the Lebanese fail to do so.


  4. 4- Everybody in Lebanon knows there is an agreement between the Cedars Revolution and the international resolutions, and that these resolutions were produced to help the Lebanese people realize their Cedar Revolution goals. These goals include: the fight against terrorism, the fight against foreign occupation, a sovereign, democratic, pluralistic and free Lebanon. Any settlement done at the expense of the above goals or at the expense of these special resolutions especially its primary star, 1559, will be the actual commiseration session for the Cedar Revolution.


  5. 5- All politicians in Lebanon must understand that the Cedars Revolution in collaboration with the international community has managed to kick the Syrian army out as outlined in the first article, but that the remnants of the Syrian tutelage is still trying to govern Lebanon through its commissioner in Lebanon and its second army: Hizbollah and its followers. The politicians must also understand that freeing Lebanon from foreign occupation will require asking help from the international community to help implement the resolutions, and thus cancel this Syrian sponsorship as well as the other foreign occupations. What the Lebanese politicians must finally understand is that there should not be any gray areas like these which used to overshadow Lebanon and its decisions for so long during the Syrian occupation. Now the politicians have to choose between being part of the Cedar Revolution or being part of terrorism, between being with those who have sacrificed their lives facing their killers or with the killers, between being with the Lebanese people or with those who are hijacking Lebanese free will.


  6. 6- The leaders of 14th of March and the leaders of the Cedar Revolution understand very well that any settlement with Hizbollah ,Syria, Iran (or any other country or organization dealing with the axis of terror) done at the expense of the Cedars Revolution and the UNSCR implementation will be like letting go of the Cedars Revolution goals and international community support. Moreover this settlement will move Lebanon from being a partner to the international community, in its war on terror, to becoming an ally of terrorism.


We are confident that those leaders know their duties toward the Lebanese people, the Cedar Revolution and the international resolutions. Therefore we believe that none of these leaders will accept any settlement as the one advertised for by the anti-Cedar Revolution front especially if this stand will shift Lebanon's government and its system from a partner of the international anti-terrorism campaign to a terrorist country. Finally we assure the Lebanese people that in coordination with the United Nations and the friends of Lebanon, we will not allow any settlement at the expense of the Cedars Revolution and at the expense of the Lebanese people's interests. We will not allow the Lebanese people to become hostages of terrorism. Moreover, we will not accept Lebanon's getting a president which shifts it [the country] to the axis of terror.

Toni Nissi, the general coordinator for Lebanon of the International Lebanese Committee for U.N. Security Council Resolution 1559, a pro-democracy United Nations-affiliated nongovernmental organization (NGO).

© 2007 Toni Nissi 

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